TODAY’S MANNA: Mercy deny not PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 June 2014 12:13

BY Berlie G. Yap


A friend introduced me to his neighbor after which I heard his story that melted my heart which in a split of second I right away devised a way to how I can help him. One night the house of this man, a simple nipa hut, razed to the ground. Unexpectedly also, the following week their third child died because of a dengue infection. The man is a carpenter who earns a meager salary and only occasionally when he has a piece of job or a contract. Come into my shoes, if you were me in those few moments of introduction what would you feel? One is obstinate if he can’t feel pity. As I was listening to my friend’s litany I resolved inside of me not just to offer sympathy but to help him literally. Shortly, by God’s grace, I was able to connect him to a micro factory for a regular work.

On this side of eternity, there are things that do baffle us, those which do not give us logic or fathomable explanations; that the only most we could do is to continue and not to quit. Many locals often blame the rebels who intruded our serene city last year. Well, they are entitled to their opinions. But one time I also did think for the rebels’ widows and orphans, who probably, were not involved of the decisions to (either march or) attack Zamboanga City. Their ordeal today for daily survival, I believe,it  ain’t that easy. So, who to blame? Personally, I rather do not but I may find a way or ways how to rise after a fall. There is always hope— a hope of a better tomorrow.

A sense of compassion is humanity. Though how evil a person can be, yet he will always have a degree of sympathy or pity to anyone or anything. I read that even the infamous Adolf Hitler had his own loved pet. In 1921, Hitler had a dog named Prinz. He purchased another German Shepherd shortly after and named him Muckl.

We can’t tell what a future can bring. One can have the capacity to help today but choose not to. Who knows tomorrow he be the one to need and is also not helped! It is a law that what we sow is what we shall reap. Give mercy today and tomorrow when you will also need mercy you be given one. The Savior said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” (Matt. 5:7)

Did you not wonder why you have a degree of influence, certain abilities, or a level of capacity? You have those not only to enjoy selfishly. They are there for a reason. You are blessed to become a blessing. A personal realization to such truth can give the person inner freedom. Greed and stinginess are prison cells. Both blindly bound their victims to an anesthetized self-deception. Thus, anyone who has either of the two is bound and is a FOOL—deceived by his own cunning.

To have power and money is not evil at all. It is when either power or money has you! Addiction to vain things is dangerous. Those infected by it easily forget future consequences. That is not normal to trade one’s name and integrity to evil money. What we see in our domestic politics today can open our minds or maybe challenge the new generation to choose the higher road of integrity to redeem our country. There is hope!

Never hesitate to give mercy when you have the ability to do it. Do it too without string attached. Never think of a human pay rather do them simply and secretly without parading for your glory. Because God shall openly reward any good work we discreetly do to others. A sure REWARD or CONSEQUENCES will meet us in the future—a reward for the faithful and consequences to evil works. One of the rewards can be closed doors to suddenly open because God breathes in to your direction. We need God’s favor everyday!

Our days are still long to do goodwill to others but it is also equally long to err. It will be a very nice feeling when a total stranger one day to meet us and to tell us, “thank you because you helped me when I needed it.” Deny not mercy to any who needs; much when you have the power to do them because failing to do so is a sin of omission. God bless you.