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Friday, 13 June 2014 12:39



The trio of happy smiling faces that appeared in the front page of a national paper recently was enough to make the bile in my gut rise. These 3 senators of our august senate had just been indicted of plunder but the facial expressions they showed belied that reality. They looked more like they had just been told they won the FAMAS award or something similar. I do not mean to be judgmental. To be indicted does not mean that they are already found guilty; the legal process still has to take place to determine if they are guilty or innocent of the charge.

On the other hand, for an august senator to be even thought of as a plunderer is enough shame and certainly nothing to be gleeful about. A dictionary defines plunder as “ to steal goods or money by fraudulent means”. Is that something to be gleeful about?

I can think of some reasons why these senators  appeared to be unaffected by the charge against them. One, they probably think this is something they can easily squiggle through. They are, after all, members of that august body called the Senate and things can be made to run in their favor. Or so they think, these people who are there not for the people but for themselves.

Two, even if they are held without bail – plunder is a non-bailable  offense – things can be arranged to provide them the luxury they are used to, especially catered food, accommodations with the usual trimmings and the like. Will they continue to receive their salaries too? I wonder. If you ask me they should be made to share the same cell features and other conditions that other indicted no-bail persons are made to live with.

Three, the trial is sure to take a long, long time. By then, Pres. Aquino who they accuse of going after them because they are in the opposition, will be out of office and someone else will be president. And who knows what the new president will do about this case. Rumors have already surfaced that the frontrunner for the presidency in the 2016 has bruited about his plans. If so, those who have an inkling about this should remember NOT to vote for this particular candidate when the time comes.  His name begins with the 2nd letter of the alphabet.

I suppose I can be nonchalant about expressing my opinions here because none of these “honorables”  received a vote from me to become senators and so I feel no guilt in having a share in imposing them on our country.

Perhaps the story of these senators, and of all those other senators and congressional representatives implicated in the PDAF scam but not yet indicted, will be a prompt for all voters to consider carefully who they vote for. We never know how a particular candidate will turn out once elected. But the odds may be in favor of the country if we consider the starting potential of a candidate on the following variables:  intelligence, integrity, personality and perspective. These variables are not something I came up with but variables identified by those who have studied successful and effective public servants.