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Friday, 13 June 2014 12:46

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Henio was an intelligent boy to know that he was not a genius.

But his father believed that because “Henio” means genius, his son would also grow up to be one of the most gifted boys in the world.

But Henio did not become the genius that his drunkard father predicted him to be. But unlike his ne’er-do-well father, he wanted to succeed and was willing to work hard for it.

Therefore, his biggest ambition was to finish college.  Maybe, for some families, graduating college is no big deal.  Everybody is expected to finish college,because aunts, uncles, grandparents all hold college diplomas.

But for the family of Henio, to graduate from a four-year course is an elusive dream.  For over three generations already, no one in his big family finished a course, except perhaps, for one cousin who was able to successfully complete a two-year program and works as a checker in a bodega-the only one with a steady income among his long line of relatives. This particular cousin was always cited as a good example to younger cousins every gathering,by grandpas and uncles, who themselves did not finish college.

Although these ancestors all ambitioned to own a college diploma, none of them wanted it enough to obtain it, and therefore, until now, hisc lan could not boast of  even one professional in the family.

But, after all their plans to finally have a professional in the family, and to jointly support whoever was capable of bringing this great honor to this uneducated tribe, not one big mouth produced money when enrollment time came.

And that’s when I received a call from Henio. He was asking for a job, to be able to start enrolling.

So I recommended him to somebody who needed a worker for his yard.  And because it was a two-man job, Henio got another poor classmate to work with him.  It was a big yard, very dirty and unkempt.  And Henio and his buddy industriousaly labored  on it. When they finished their work, the lawn looked very handsome and barbered, that the owner was tremendously satisfied with it!

And as a result of his satisfaction, he bragged about his yard to many of his acquaintances that one of them decided to get these two boys as working students. Now Henio and his friend live in a nice house,with their kind benefactor, who provides for them everything pertaining to their studies and more.

The family of Henio may finally have a professional this time.