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Friday, 13 June 2014 12:47



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts…” (Psalm 119:45, the Holy Bible).

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116 YEARS AFTER, RP STILL NOT INDEPENDENT: As the nation celebrated its 116th year of independence on June 12, 2014, many perceptive citizens are questioning whether there is real independence in the Philippines today. The general consensus is that there is nothing to celebrate really, simply because the Filipino people, more than ever, never became independent, even as they remain in bondage to slavery in its many forms.

First, we are definitely still slaves and therefore are not free from foreign domination on economic matters—it is the foreigners among us that continue to control big businesses not only in Metro Manila, but in every part of the archipelago. Filipinos do not have any businesses at all, and if they happen to be in business in any way, they deal only with small bucks.

Second, foreigners or Filipinos with clear and strong foreign lineage or descent are the ones in control of government—from national to local governments. In fact, there is an admission that even the president of this country, President Aquino, and much of his Cabinet secretaries, are either Chinese or Spanish or American. Local officials have family names that contain only two or three letters, or four, at most.

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RP STILL UNDER FOREIGN CONTROL: Third, Filipinos still have no freedom to work gainfully in this country, as they are still compelled to go and find employment abroad—where they are usually subjected to physical or emotional abuse by their employers or by the foreign community where they live in—because there is no real opportunity for them to decently earn in the country.

Fourth, the nation as a whole is not really free because it is still taken advantage of, pushed around, and bullied relentlessly, by stronger and mightier countries, just like what the United States of America and China are doing. Indeed, because of our weakness, the US can easily get concessions like defense agreements that clearly contravene our Constitution, and China can just go in and out of our territorial waters.

Fifth, many Filipinos remain at the mercy of greedy and corrupt political leaders whose only concern in getting themselves elected or appointed in government is to amass great, even if illegal, wealth to lay the foundation for their political dynasties, so they could continue raping the coffers of this country for their, and their families’, benefit.

* * * *

THE ROAD TO REAL INDEPENDENCE: What has caused this continuing slavery of the Filipino people? There would be many factors and reasons for this. But we should not forget that this kind of slavery, this kind of suffering and difficult and cursed life, had all been warned about and promised by the Bible to happen to a people who no longer listen to God and who no longer obey Him.

Many will refuse to even consider this Biblical basis for our continuing lack of freedom from want and poverty and our continuing domination by foreigners, saying there are more important things to consider if we are to free our people from the clutches of foreign control and domination.

But it would not harm anyone of us if our government leaders in general, and our people in particular, would try to listen to, and obey, what the Bible is saying to reverse this unfortunate condition of our nation. The time has come, and that time is now, to listen to God and obey His commands, because that is now the only viable alternative so our people can have real independence.

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