BETWEEN FRIENDS: Perfection:: An illusion? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2014 16:55

By Lulu Mangaoang



How would you describe your ideal man? A teenage girl was asked by her mentor. She answered “he must be perfect in every sense.”

This is the answer given by most young adults from both sexes. Going by their definition, the man/woman in question must be the exact embodiment of one who is not even born yet.

Perfection in appearance, mental ability, financial status and character are but the workings of the mind that seeks an ideal world. Unfortunately, our world is far from ideal.

Our world is our own creation. Today, technology has opened a new world to us, specially the young. These youth are so immersed in social media that the world has shrunk considerably. With the touch of a button on one’s gadgets can bring one all over the world; and it seems that nothing is sacred anymore.

At times, such exposure creates a world of illusion that causes one to think that he can have a perfect world with perfect people.

But, unfortunately, this is but a dream, an illusion created by the desire to have a perfect world, a wish to escape from the harsh realities of life.

But this dream can be a force to propel people to aim high. This can serve as an inspiration if dealt with properly.

Nobody can be perfect, but to strive for it must be a driving force. Parents can aim to be excellent moms and dads, to their children, teachers to their pupils, religious leaders to their flocks, and government officials to their constituents.

Perfection is an illusion but a semblance of it is definitely possible. The answer lies in everyone’s hand.