TICKLE ME PINK: Napoles not the real PDAF scam mastermind PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 11:31



Well, warrant of arrests have been served by the Sandiganbayan for those who were suspected of cheating our government with billions of pesos. One by one, they’ll end up inside the cells.

Sen. BONG REVILLA, who is one among the three most wanted, together with Sen. JUAN PONCE ENRILE and SEN. JINGGOY ESTRADA, has surrendered ahead to avoid being handcuffed in front of his family and supporters. I can say it was  such a dramatic scene, but inspite of the plunder case against him and the two others, i still do sympathize with their families.

Had those been implicated in the PDAF scam been  strong willed, they wouldn’t find themselves in this scandalous situation. Right folks. However, if I were to decide on how to punish them, i won’t jail them. I would strip them out of their position in the Senate and whatever positions the rest are holding and ban them from running for any  political positions, and let them  return the money they have stolen as commissions from the non existing NGOs created by the queen of all scams!

I still believe Napoles isn’t the real mastermind of this fund scam. She was only used by a person who has a very bright mind. I only hope Janet Napoles will sing, and come out with his name. This is the very person i would like to see rot inside the prison cell!. Whoever he is, may he be a friend of our President, i would like him to burn in hell for corrupting our system in government!