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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 11:29



“To be an inspiring leader you do not have to be the smartest, or even the hardest-working person in the group.

What it does require is that you be firm – Firm in your dedication to excellence, even if it makes you temporarily unpopular. Leadership doesn’t mean winning popularity contests.”  — Alan Loy Mcginnis

Have you ever led a group of any kind? How did it go? Were you a good leader? Have your followers become the good leader that you are? I always hated to lead a group – not because I couldn’t do it but because I didn’t want responsibilities, and I knew it’s a big one. I never liked teaching others who were slow; I did not have the patience. I remember I was a group leader for a peer teaching in reading. Each of us was given a partner and the one who was assigned to me was the slowest and stubborn. I got so fed up teaching him, and him not paying any attention at all, so I got the book and hit it on his head. I was called at the Principal’s office.  Then we were also grouped in the art class. As the leader, I had to prepare all of the things we will need – and I did. A boy from another group, who couldn’t find a pair of scissors, took ours instead. When I asked him to give it back he ran so, I took the jar of paste and threw it on his head. Again, I was sent to the Principal’s office and she learned that my father was head Teacher then and my mom was an instructor who were on an educational trip in Southeast Asia.

When I became a teacher (something I never dreamed of becoming), I realized that there were a lot of things that I have to learn and number one on my list is patience. Something I needed very much to be able to lead my students. My father was then a principal (and a very good one at his job), kept pushing me to study and upgrade myself so that I could be a better leader. (I just wished, I followed his advice much, much sooner than I did.) When I became a Subject Coordinator, the more responsibilities were handed down to me (this time, I had more patience), and there was no way out. Since I didn’t want my attention to be called – I did everything I could, to do my best. But, we don’t always get what we want!

How about you? Are you a leader? How did you lead your group? In one way or the other, we all are leaders of some sort - - and leading must always come from the heart — and we must also consider the heart of those who we lead.

“A good leader is a person who has the ability to get others to do what they don’ want to and like it.” — Harry Truman