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Friday, 11 July 2014 11:48

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


After listening to the following stories from my colleagues, I conclude that students are really smarter than what they are given credit for.

One teacher told me of the time she wanted to make a heterogeneous grouping for a science activity.  So to make sure that the slowest in class were equally distributed to all groups, she first distributed two average students to all the groups, then inserted one very slow learner in between, and then randomly assigned the rest of the students, to all the groups. This listing she did by herself, while preparing for her class.

When, she displayed the list of groupings on the board, one student suddenly exclaimed, “Look! all students in number three are the very slow learners of this class. You see, bright, bright, then slow”, scrutinizing loudly each name and paying particular attention to number three, and was convinced than ever that there was indeed a pattern of hiding the slow learners in-between the average learners.

He was very much amused with this discovery that he started calling the attention of the students whose names were in number three saying, “Jeremy, you are the slow learner in your group, and Alex in his group,  and I am the one in my group.”

The teacher, who wanted to make this pattern as indistinct  as it could be, so as not to label anyone negatively, had a very difficult time putting on a straight face, for she never expected anybody  to notice, let alone the one whom she classified as one of the slow learners.

One teacher also, was secretly solving a crossword puzzle  on her table while her students were doing their seatwork. There were some words  which were difficult, and if she were just at home, she would have taken a peek at the answers at the back of the book.  But of course she would not do that on her teacher’s table lest a student notices and demeans her credibility as a language teacher.

Then, one student passed his paper, he remarked inoffensively, “Teacher, I know, you are sometimes looking at the answers at the back of the book when nobody is looking”.  Then he returned to his seat to do other things, just like a normal person who just voiced out an ordinary fact without putting an iota of opinion in it.

There was one time  when the Grad-III students in one public school were each given many many monggo pods for their activity.  They were to list the number of monggo seeds in each pod and then get the average.After a  while, the students said that the quantity of the monggo seeds, were quite similar with each other.

But the teacher told them to open all the pods to see if this was really so. When all the monggo pods have been examined, the students  whispered to each other that they were asked to perform that activity so that somebody will take all the monggo from the pods to prepare for cooking, which was indeed the case.