BETWEEN FRIENDS: ‘Can you whip it? I did!’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 July 2014 13:33

By Lulu Mangaoang


She is one of the loveliest ladies that currently grace the television screen, one whose presence cannot be ignored and whose diction is so flawless that watching her is a joy.

I used to watch her in the many roles she played, but what caught my attention was an advertisement of a popular product which she endorses.

“Sayang daw ako, a single mother, but that was a challenge accepted,” then she embraced a very young little boy.

I was struck by the message she espoused because it is the situation of a young, beautiful lady who committed an act that is condemned by society but who stood tall in the face of criticism and condemnation.

In contrast, a news about an 8-month old baby was found thrown in a garbage pile, dead possibly from asphyxiation, another newly-born baby left in the doorsteps of a church, and many other inhuman acts whose victims are innocent lives.

The scene was an advertisement but the circumstances are real.  That the lady braved the scorn of others for the sake of her child.

Mistakes can be committed, errors made, judgments can be flawed.  But what is most important is how these can be made right.

The lady showed tothe world that no matter how wrong we can be, how many times we can fall, what matters is how we rise again to accept and face the consequences of our act.

“Can you whip it? I did!” The message said it all.