COLOURS OF LIFE: JEALOUSY: Have you experienced it…? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 July 2014 13:35



“I thought that jealousy was an idea.

It isn’t. It’s a pain.”

_Floyd Dell

Have you ever lost your cool because of jealousy? Jealousy is a natural feeling - - but letting it overcome your good senses will most likely destroy you and your normal happy life. Feeling jealous is not bad nor is it a crime but overdoing it destroys good relationships; friends become worst enemies, siblings destroy each other, marriages break up - - - worst, if it destroys us.

Being jealous is our own responsibility and no one else’s. Never should we put the blame on others about how we feel because it is our own insecurities, our weaknesses, our lack of self-confidence, or very own low self-esteem or self-worth that make us lose our sense of dignity and worth. We must never allow jealousy to cling to us - - - for we have heard a lot of people destroying each other and even themselves trying to prove that they are more worthy than others - - all in fear of being unloved or unwanted, which in fact is totally baseless. But mind you, we can always eliminate jealousy if we only try to give ourselves the self-respect and self-worth it so much needs; and everything else will be good. This is our own challenge, take it or be forever miserable.

“jealousy creeps like

A serpent in the night.”