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Tuesday, 15 July 2014 15:46



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`the truth shall set you free’…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in John 8:32, the Holy Bible).

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THE REAL STATE OF GOV’T HOSPITALS LIKE PGH: What is the real state of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and other government hospitals under the Department of Health (DOH)? Here is an eye-opener taken from some parts of an Internet exchange between TV reporter Maki Pulido and an individual named “Kris”. Read on: “Yes Miss Pulido, you were right. Our workers in PGH have absolutely no compassion for ‘very poor’ patients.

“But we don’t see and we don’t cater to very poor patients—but to the underserved ones who, liked most of our people in the country, are victims of social injustices and this faulty and sickly health system we have. In treating, the hospital does not select patients from whatever socioeconomic status.

“Our charity wards are filled with patients who equitably receive the services the measly budget of the National University Hospital affords them to receive—and much more than that, may pambayad man o wala. It even gives more to those who have less, or even nothing. The hospital receives patients from all over the country, even from other state hospitals which are supposedly well-maintained and well-funded.

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“PGH DOESN’T WORK BY THE OUNCES”: “We receive patients who are chronically stricken with diseases no human being deserve to live with, just because this society fails to recognize and address some basic needs of its people. A few unfortunate times we receive socially dead people—those to whom no one cared for, or perhaps whose existence no one even bothered to recognize.

“We automatically become their bantays,  their for-the-meantime-relatives, who will pump their ambubags  until our social workers find their closest connections. Miss Pulido, we can’t fully fathom how ‘an ounce’ of compassion can validate the work and lives of our personnel. PGH personnel don’t work, never worked, by the ounces.

“Many of them spend days and months and even their lifetimes trying to make things work in even the darkest corner of the hospital. On some days, mind you, we curse in frustation `p*tangina, walang bulak ang ospital na ito. Walang betadine. Walang gloves.’ But the people in this institution make this hospital work.

* * * *

“PGH WILL SERVE THE PEOPLE, DESPITE NEGATIVE COMMENTS”: “Our trainees and residents even do the pushing of large oxygen tanks and a single stretcher with four or five term pregnant mothers to bring them somewhere in the hospital. Our personnel interact with patients with disseminated infections without even any supply of face masks and protective gears to protect themselves from being infected.

“Our resident doctors and other personnel even shell out-of-pocket to accomplish laboratory procedures and surgeries that will hopefully send patients back to their families– alive. PGH people work side-by-side with the likes of tuberculosis and diabetes patients. And that smell of infected diabetic foot– that smell!– that smell you will never forget for the rest of your life, that smell of neglect, that smell of hopelessness– that we never mind.

“Tomorrow, and all the remaining days this year, PGH people will all be back to their posts not knowing what and who will they receive, or what they will not. Not one will complain. Not one will walk out from these unfavorable, sometimes dehumanizing, working conditions. Not one will ask for recognition of their compassion and service for these underserved people.

“Not one will step back just because some journalist didn’t see what everyone had to go through just to send a breadwinner able to work again or a mother back to her eleven hungry children. PGH will continue to serve the people. They will make it work.”