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Thursday, 17 July 2014 11:32



LOS ANGELES, CA — It’s a good thing we didn’t disappear passing through Japan Strait. That Boeing 777 that I took from NAIA Terminal 2 to San Francisco was sleek and fast, service was good and so was the food. The pilots navigated the plane excellently. No complaints, except for a few bumps, courtesy of Florita that was stationary in Japan that brought rains and floods there, ala NOAH.

The 12-and-a-half ride from Manila to Sanfo would have been boring had it not been for the fantastic movies on the monitor in front of you. To avoid jet-lag, I didn’t sleep a wink as we would arrive in Sanfo at 8:45 p.m. Reaching my daughter’s house in San Jose after two hours, hitting the sack was the best relief I got. I guess I snored like a giant.

California isn’t as bad as Nevada or Arizona. The hot temperature there can kill you. It’s a little chilly in San Jose still. Summer hasn’t set in completely yet. Los Angeles is pretty much like Manila — hot, smoggy and noisy. But who cares — this is the home of the LA Kings, the newly-crowned National Hockey League champion, and the showtime LA Lakers (that fared so miserably in the NBA’s last season). They say that Kobe is healthy enough to carry the gold and purple this coming season. I don’t think so. They just lost Pau Gasol to the Bulls.

Titong San Juan (we call him Mr. T) was promptly at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica when he learned that I was staying there for a few days. Same old (and getting older) Mr. T. He’d take you around anytime of the day for as long as he’s off from work — from Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Staples Center to Filipino restaurants. He’d even gladly oblige to drive to Commerce Casino where you find Pinoy and Viet suckers throwing away their week’s pay playing baccarat, pai gow or 21.

Yes, just barely four days since I got here (you guessed it correctly) I want to take the next available flight back home. But that can’t happen. The cost of flying here can get you a car on down payment basis. Being lonely is only a temporary thing. Once you get used to all the hateful traffic snarls, the irritating sound of burning wheels, smog and some not-so friendly atmosphere and people, you’ll live.