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Friday, 18 July 2014 11:28

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


One of the interesting things in the teaching profession is meeting the parents of your students and we get to meet most of them during PTA meetings. Here are some of my encounters with them:

“How is my son doing in school ma’am?” One emotional mother asked with trembling voice. I pictured her son in my mind, the naughty boy in front whom I just commended for having the prescribed haircut.

“ Billy is attentive and never cuts classes”, was my objective reply.

And the tears that welled in her eyes while she was asking about her boy, finally flowed liberally as she smiled and thanked me for all that I have done.  Of course, I have not done very much yet, considering that it was just the beginning of classes, but I could see, that parents, no matter how ordinary they look, are very concerned with the behavior of their kids in school.

Another mother with  long, corn-colored hair mentioned that she was about to see me the other day. “Why?” I asked. “ Because my daughter came home with her lunchbox full yet,”  she replied petulantly.

The boys in your class were playing sipa and it flew to her lunch box, so she did not like to eat her food anymore. She is not used to dirty food, you know”, came the more querulous voice.

I did not know what to say, since I am not so adverse to playing of sipa.I’d rather that the boys were physical and played with one another than text, play games in their cellphones  or worst yet, watch “scandals”.

And so to have something to say, I asked the student if it was intentional or accidental. When she said that it was an accident, I said that  I was glad it was just an accident and not bullying.  But I would tell the boys to be careful next time, I assured her.

But mother was not satisfied with my reaction. “I am coming back to bring the offender to the disciplinarian’s office,” she promised.

Then she stood-up and tossed her blond hair and said, “ I shall go now, for I have several carpenters in my house because we are making a big extension, and besides, I have to supervise the cleaning of my two cars yet.” Until now now, the mother has not come back for her disciplinarian’s appointment.

One father was noticeably neat and well dressed. His hair was very combed, without any misplaced strand anywhere; His navy-blue pants very well pressed. So,I asked him if he was a policeman.  “No Ma’am” was the confident reply.

“As a matter of fact I’m a tricycle driver”, he said, even more self-assuredly.  So I said I thought he was a policeman because his pants were like a policeman’s.

“This is really the way I dress up.  I believe in being very clean and neat all the time”, He smiled.