BETWEEN FRIENDS: Suor Cristina or Beyonce? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 July 2014 11:37


I spent  a delightful morning one day this week watching the YouTube videos of one Suor Cristina Scuccia, a Sicilian nun.  She was a contestant in  The Voice of Italy talent contest  and  I  first saw her in her initial appearance in the contest.  She was dressed in her full  nun’s habit – veil, white collar, dark grey (black?) habit, and the cross that hung on her chest. She wore glasses with a thin frame and those sensible shoes that nuns usually wear and dark hose. My reaction then was admiration for her congregation that allowed her to join at all.
She didn’t sing a pious song that people might have expected. She sang an Alicia Keys number. And in later stages  of the contest she sang songs of the same musical genre – a Bon Jovi number and  the like. And she didn‘t  just stand there prim and proper like  a soprano giving a recital – she swayed and raised her arms and danced a bit in time to the rhythm of the song. It was pure entertainment to listen to her sing and watch her move her body to the rhythm.
An item in the media  a few days last week  mentioned she came out the winner of the contest. So I  opened YouTube again and watched  a couple more videos of Suor Cristina and the final episode when she sang her winning number. A number of the videos had comments about her and her joining the contest but I could not understand because these were all in Italian.
Beyond these videos of Suor Cristina in the contest I knew nothing about her. So back it was to the Internet to surf for info about her: She is 25, belongs to the Ursuline Congregation and she said she joined the contest because she knew she had a gift and she wanted to share her gift with others and make the opportunity to evangelize. She also said she hoped Pope Francis had seen her perform.
I find the whole incident of Suor Cristina joining and winning in a contest like The Voice Italy very refreshing. When I was in student years and years ago the nuns would not even allow girl students to take up ballet because then they would have to wear tutus. Imagine how the good nuns would have reacted if they had someone like Suor Cristina among their students then. How times have changed in this matter… and for the better. The videos even showed some nuns in the audience cheering on Suor Cristina in her performance.
Perhaps if young people would see more often performances by artists like Suor Cristina and less those of artists (?) like Miley Cyrus gyrating as she usually does sensuously and in almost total undress  perhaps  we need not be so worried about the direction our young people will take in their values development. Beyonce Knowles is a very talented performer  and TIME has included her among the 100 most influential people  in the world. I wonder what her influence is all about? I bet the $100 I don’t have that Suor Cristina  in the long run will have a better influence.