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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 11:40



It’s not only our climate that’s getting hotter, but also world peace is endangered! If you remember, Nostradamus, who is well known for his prophesies, had predicted that the first missile fired will come from the Middle East. Now, if we come to think about it, serious trouble is brewing up pointing at the Middle East. There is unrest in almost all Moslem countries.

It is sad that Jerusalem, where our Lord Jesus Christ was born, was bombarded by Palestinian militants, killing innocent people. It is imminent that war will erupt. Israel President Netanyahu said he wouldn’t stop until he thinks the Israeli people’s lives will be normal again. It isn’t only Israel and Palestine that are in a hot spot. It also includes countries like  Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan.  In the Bible, it is written that the Israelites (theJews) will go back to their place when the end is near. You know I may be wrong with this, but I can still recall some parts of my Bible study, but I am open for correction please.

Let’s hope, the heads of countries in the Middle East will have cool heads or else 3rd World War will erupt. countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. are all experiencing unrest. Even our own beloved country! It is not only corruption in our own government we are experiencing, but together with other Asian nations, we are also in trouble with China that is encroaching into our territories and is bullying us.

Dear Lord, have pity on our future generation. Let them experience peace in their lives, and let peace reign on earth. In Jesus name we pray, amen.