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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 11:43



“Are folks  interested  in politics …or in solving the problem?”

This question was attributed to President Obama in relation to the new dimension of illegal immigration into the US  through the Mexico-US border of citizens of neighboring countries like Guatemala. But the question may be asked of other matters that plague countries including the Philippines.

Because democracy allows for political leadership to be determined by  who gets elected into office, the tendency is that contesting political groups make strong attempts to turn the public against each other rather than in solving the problems that beset the country.

In the Philippines this is nowhere more true than in the cases of the Napoles scam,  the DAP controversy and the setting in place of the Bangsamaoro Entity.

Mr. Jejomar Binay  is conceded by most political analysts as the leading candidate for president in the 2016 election. He is banking  on the Estrada name to propel his candidacy even more strongly by choosing Sen. Jinggoy Esgtrada as his running mate. This in spite of the fact that Sen. Estrada has been indicted for complicity in the Napoles scam where he is believed to have profited some P300 million. The same Estrada who is now in a detention center. Really now. Isn’t this proof enough that Mr. Binay is more interested in getting elected than in putting in his share in eradicating corruption in government? Is Mr. Binay then the kind of president this long-suffering country should have?

If you get my drift, he will be unless we engage ourselves in our own personal campaign to make sure that this does not happen. 2016 might seem like a long time away but it  is really only some 22 months to the election in May 2016.

Did people notice that since the DOJ began  preparing the prosecution of the Napoles  “scammers”  most of the comments of the accused have dealt with the claim that they are simply victims of politically motivated maneuvers?  And how about us – the public spectators of this whole sordid mess – are we taking our stand from the perspective of  a campaign to lessen ( I don’t even believe  eliminating the problem is possible)  the god -awful corruption in our country? If not, we should.

It has often been bruited about that politics is the oil that runs Philippine society, that politics is at the core  of every decision government makes  or government officials  make, that fortunes are made and destroyed , all for  or by politics.  That may be an all encompassing judgment of our society and not at all a flattering one but there are times when one is tempted to agree.

I think the challenge to patriotism for every Filipino is to stand strong and say, “Nay, not so!”  The challenge is to scrutinize the actions, not in terms of who the actors are, but in terms of what the legal and ethical aspects are of those actions.  Then perhaps we are on the way to solving the problems.