TICKLE ME PINK: Our 48th wedding anniversary PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 July 2014 11:52



I was so busy with my health problems like going to my doctor to have my physical checkups the past days, and early this morning, I peeped on my CP and saw the date, the 23rd of July and my oh my, I just remembered it was our 48th wedding anniversary, teehee, and reminded him too when I kissed him and greeted him. “Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary,”

I don’t blame him for not remembering ‘coz he is a post stroke victim and part of his memory was affected. Two more years, it will be our Golden wedding anniversary, and I hope and pray both of us are still alive and kicking! Hehehe.

I’d been wondering to myself why my husband and I have reached this far, inspite of our problems that come our way. Yes, I admit, our marriage isn’t a perfect one, and setting aside hypocrisy, we quarrel, having heated discussions, and I guess, this is a natural occurrence in households where two people live together in the sanctity of marriage, with two different entities. I’d been hurt lately but I don’t have to elaborate, and was about to separate with him even with his present sickness, but I guess God seems to work within me. I am giving our marriage another chance. My family is more important to me than anything else. I am a frank person, and I say what I want to say, the reason why I know some people don’t like my frankness. One thing sure, I can’t say a person is handsome or beautiful, if I know he or she isn’t.

To my one and only love ( Am I still), “A HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY AND PEACE BE WITH YOU!”. Thanks to Fr. Mars Villaflores.