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Friday, 25 July 2014 11:53

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


This school year,I write my commendations to the students who get perfect in my quizzes, instead of just saying “Very good!”

It is just a short, simple letter saying something like this: “ Dear___________, Congratulations for getting perfect in our test today. Lesson: Different kinds of sentences according to structure” then I sign my name.

Simple as this may be, but this is very big deal to my students.

Take for example one student who pleaded with me to also give a letter to those who got the score of seven out of ten. Imagine, writing a congratulatory letter to the scorers of seven, how about those who got eight and nine?  There would be a lot of letters to write!  So I told him that I would be giving another test the following day and he would have the chance to receive a note from me.

The information of a forthcoming  test, was greeted with cheers and excitement by most of the students in the room.

One boy of another class, approached my table  and secretly asked for a letter for the purpose of showing it to his mother. “My mother always gives me twenty pesos extra when I do well in class.” He said wistfully. “ What’s your score?” I asked.  “Six ma’am”, he said looking straight to my eyes as if to say, I have no intention of deceiving you, only my mother.

“Actually, it would just be a letter.  You still put my real score on your record.” he clarified, conspiratorially .

“ I do not like to give a congratulatory note to a dishonest boy, and if you like a note from me, try to get perfect tomorrow instead of dragging me into this foolishness,” I said with mock severity.

The following day, this boy who intended to trick mother, got perfect and presented her with a congratulatory note from me. That was a Wednesday.  On Thursday, he met me in the room, even before I could greet the class. He pointed to his new pair of shoes and said,”Here it is already!”  At first, I could not understand what he was talking about.  “My father and mother were so happy with me and asked what I wanted.  So I said a pair of shoes!”was the happy explanation.

I asked him what time he reached home and he said 4:15 p.m., but when he showed the letter, his father drove him straight away to Paseo to buy the pair of shoes.

After my lesson that day, there was a clamor for a test, especially from this boy with the new pair of shoes.  And even if I wanted to give a quiz, I refrained from doing so, in consideration of his mother who might be obligated to spend a lot, for a ten-item quiz.