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Monday, 28 July 2014 13:19



CUPERTINO, CA — After a good game of bowling (never mind the scores), dimsuM at New Port (Chinese) Restaurant is always a gaiety. Oh, how I love digesting chicken feet and flat-noodle shrimps. But this isn’t about bowling and food. This is about gun control.

In a small, highly-urbanized city like Zamboanga, law and order is a profound necessity. We will never be able to lure in tourists nor investors if we get violent newspaper, radio, television headlines all the time. College students go around carrying guns and use it to snuff the life out of fraternity rivals. That’s happened thrice this year alone. Children of rich, powerful, out-of-town families holster guns like they were living in Tombstone. I was told that just the other day two youngsters were killed and another one seriously wounded after the gang war broke out along Cabato Road. Guns went blazing in cold revenge.

Yes, the police and law-enforcers can bring their service pistols while on duty, but not the young ones who get trigger-happy in a fight. Parents who possess a license to own firearms should be responsible enough to conceal their weapon away from the eyes and reach of their children. The Firearms and Explosives Unit of the PNP should be able to determine, after a thorough psychological evaluation, who should or shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun. While we all need protection from thieves, robbers and, yes, kidnappers, firearms should be kept safely at home especially during night time..

It is an undisputable fact that law and order in Zamboanga is getting from bad to worse — from traffic snarls, plain joy killing to drugs and wanton smuggling. It is also a fact that some quarters belonging to certain clans sport six-shooters, 9 mm pistols or M-16s and carry these guns around town as if they owned the place and ready to knock someone’s head clean off. They are the law-breakers — parking their SUVs in front of “No Parking” signs. What an insult to the city government and the police. It becomes outlandish when parents allow their children to carry guns because the character of a person is determined when he carries a deadly weapon — whether or not to be used for defense or to intentionally kill.

The police blotter will not lie. How people have been killed with the use of guns since 2010? How many establishments have been burgled by armed robbers? How many stick-ups by goons with guns have been reported? How many murders have been recorded? How many eye-for-an-eye shootings have occurred in the last two years? Where did all these guns come from? Most of them, I’m pretty sure, aren’t licensed.

Susmariajosep, Django. Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, if she hasn’t done that yet, should convene the City Peace and Order Council to seriously discuss gun control. People’s lives are at risk all the time.