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Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:39



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`Can we find anyone like this man, in whom the Spirit of God dwells?’…” (Genesis 41:38, the Holy Bible).

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GOV’T HAS NO OTHER MONEY EXCEPT DAP? Can anyone tell the Filipino people: has it really come to a point now that the Aquino government is incapable of serving or doing anything for the people because it has no more “disbursement acceleration program” or DAP?

That because there is no more DAP, and it is going to take a while to ask for a supplemental budget from the House of Representatives and the Senate, the government can not function anymore, and can no longer move on?

What about the trillions of pesos that have been allocated for the government’s projects, activities, and programs for 2014? Where did all these money go? Was it not a fact that the trillions of pesos allocated for the government’s budget for 2014 constituted a separate fund from the DAP? Why are we being told now that without DAP, the government can not do anything anymore?

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IS ANOTHER WORD FOR “PEOPLE POWER”: Malacanang and top military officials have been quick to deny that there is now an on-going coup plot against President Aquino, saying “there is no such thing”. This is an understandable reaction, because the existence of any coup plot could only prove all the more that the Aquino government has indeed already lost the support of the people.

And that is the least that the Office of the President needs now—a distinct evidence that it is no longer supported by the people, particularly those in the military and police sectors. In the face of greatly diminished popularity and trust ratings among all classes of Filipinos from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, the threat of a coup may yet be the needed spark to kick Aquino out.

This is unfortunate, for a president who once basked in the wide support of all sectors of the Philippines, but then, a coup is now a Constitutionally-allowed mode of changing presidents in this country, courtesy of the 1987 Constitution which his own mother, former President Cory Aquino, approved. This Constitution called this mode “people power”.

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LACK OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTION IN GOVERNANCE: If only President Aquino somehow paid attention to what we have been writing in this column since the start of his term, maybe, just maybe, his end as a president would not be as bad as it now looks—disgraced, fallen from the grace of the people who once fiercely supported him, and apparently destined to follow in the footsteps of his immediate predecessors.

Indeed, being president for only six years in this country would not really yield any beneficial improvement for the country and the people, because six years is truly a short period of time to make any lasting impact. What Aquino—and any other president for that matter—should have aspired to do, at the start of his term, was to think about how to change the mindset of defeat so deeply inculcated among a great number of Filipinos.

A mindset of defeat, brought about by long years of poverty, want, and of being oppressed by the rich and the mighty, could only be changed by a decisive push, from the President of the Philippines, towards a spiritual rebirth, powered by a purposeful reading of, and obedience to, the Bible among Christians, and of the Koran among Muslims, and of any other spiritual book among other believers.

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