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Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:40



The State-of-the-Nation Address of our President wasn’t as impressive as people expected it to be, because all the subject matters he mentioned we already know from the tri-media outlets. However, it’s good to know he is knowledgeable of all the occurrences in our country, and is monitoring everything.

He warned the corruptors in government and promised to go after them and particularly mentioned the 7.9 billion pork barrel scam of a handful of senators that was recently exposed by whistle blowers, and the gang leader and a companion from Ozamiz, who was suspected to have been killed by his police escorts, while being brought to Muntinglupa. He also mentioned about the recent signing between the Government Peace Panel and the Bangsamoro representatives of a Peace Agreement that has something to do with wealth-sharing. I only hope that whatever wealth sharing there will be, it will be distributed equally and enjoyed by all the Bangsamoro constituents.

I waited for him to mention about the modernization of our military armaments and equipment on security measures, but nothing had been mentioned about it. I believe it should be one of the priorities of our country to safeguard us from foreign invaders. It will not only discourage foreign enemies, but also our local trouble makers. It has been rumored around that rebels are better equipped with high powered arms than our own soldiers! This is so demoralizing to hear! At least, I can say that locally, our local government under former Mayor Celso Lobregat, who kept assisting our police force, even if it isn’t the job of our city to do so.

Rallies are ordinary practice during every SONA of a President, but it’s so irritating to see people shouting their disgust over the performance of every President, and becoming bolder. It’s irking because we know that almost all of them must have been responsible for putting him or her to that position. I find it ironic! It would be better if they didn’t give their votes to that person, but appreciate what he or she is doing later, rather than voting for a person and later criticize his Administration because they can’t get what they want. This shouldn’t bother Pres. Noynoy, ‘coz he can’t please everyone. However, he should be more sensitive to the needs of the poor. How I wish one day, there will be free education, (not only constructing school buildings), may it be in the elementary and intermediate grades, High school, and in the collegiate years. You know, I come across children and teenagers once in a while, who are out of school, because they tell me they owe the school and they can’t get their cards. How disheartening, isn’t it?

It was a one and half hour SONA. We give credit to Pres. Aquino for standing so long on the rostrum to give his State-of-the-Nation Address to the Filipino people, letting us know he is on top of what’s going on around our Nation!