BETWEEN FRIENDS: Arrivals/Departures PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 August 2014 11:18

By Linda Cababa-espinosa, Ed. D.

Airports are some of the busiest places in the world especially those really big ones that can accommodate thousands of passengers, on so many flights a day on several airplanes, that bring in and take out those who need to come in or go away for one reason or another.
When we arrive at an airport, we actually don’t pay attention how many people came in with us, where they came from originally and why they were on that particular flight because we are concentrated on our reason for being there and where we proceed from there. Suffice it to say that airports play a very significant role in the lives of those who need or are destined to be somewhere of necessity at any one time.
Of course, airports are not the only places in the world that are witnesses to the traffic of arrivals and departures that man has to make. There are also the bus stations and the wharves.  Somehow, however, no bus station or wharf can compete with airports in terms of human traffic. Still, the biggest terminals around are not the airports only. The world itself is the biggest terminal of all and we, we are all passengers destined with our own individual arrivals and departures listed in terms of birth and death.
A man’s arrival in this world terminal is announced by his birth. From then, his journey, which is the journey of his life, begins. He arrives light and free without a single piece of baggage to claim or carry. And this journey may be long or short depending on how well he directs it or how well he cooperates with the unseen forces controlling his destiny.
People arrive in many ways in different places. Some come much earlier than their schedule and put their lives and those of their mothers’ at risk. Others come just on time causing great joy to the members of the “welcome committee” composed variously of the expectant father, grandparents and other members of the family. Of course, this arrival again, depends on whether it is welcome or not, depending on other factors like legitimacy and financial availability. Some arrive in the comfort and safety of hospital delivery rooms, others on the creaking floors of nipa huts.
And life goes on from there. Regardless of one’s manner of arrival, life can be ugly or beautiful, sad or happy. Again, so much will depend on how we react, adjust to, and control the forces that are there to influence our destiny, until it is time to go.
Departing is as varied in ways as arriving. Some go so unexpectedly through accidents, or sudden cardiac arrests, while others get to leave after a short or long period of preparation like sickness or old age. So much like getting to the airport just in time to catch the flight or sitting in the predeparture area to wait for departure time.
Throughout our days on earth, we are constantly reminded in one way or another that we must prepare for this last departure which, whether we like it or not, sooner or later, will happen one day, anyway. There is no way we can outwit or avoid it. We can only prepare to board that final flight to make sure we get a smooth and safe trip to eternity.