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Friday, 08 August 2014 11:13



The truth is, I didn’t vote for him last presidential election, but my allegiance changed when he became our President. I’ve been brought up to respect whosoever heads our State even if he wasn’t my choice. If one like me didn’t vote for him, but believes he is doing great to alleviate our country, he deserves the respect of every Filipino citizen!

I am commenting on this because I would like to show my disgust on the seven members of the Mambabatas Black, dramatically, who walked out in the middle of Pres. Noynoy’s speech to let people know that what he was saying are all lies! This only shows these seven aren’t really educated! It’s a pity if they are! They have no manners, very unethical. I should say they belong among the others who are protesting outside the Batasan Pambansa! Well, they are the initiators of the impeachments against our President. I agree with the President when he said ‘his critics hate reforms. Nothing nice is being said about him. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he is fed with criticisms. This includes his midnight snacks…..teehee.

It’s amazing to know that from him, our country was able to pay our debt of 40 billion pesos, and I guess this is laudable move compared to the last administration of Gloria Arroyo, who, instead of deducting our debt, It had increased. It’s a pity that natural and manmade calamities had been happening during his present term. Pres. Noynoy is not a superman, neither are his people in government, but they’re doing everything in their power to hasten the work. The opposition is capitalizing on the slow rehabilitation of places affected by calamities.

You know, these people who want Noynoy out are the same people who voted for him! Isn’t this a shame! Just bear in mind, he can’t help each and every one of us.  Help comes in as a whole in communities and cities. People shouldn’t feel offended. Poor people should also help themselves, and shouldn’t depend on charity all the time. We have many Juan Tamads in our midst and this should be discouraged. I am against government doling out cash to the poor because this will make them lazier. What government should do is to improve our educational system. Public schools should all be free. Stop the Pantawid given to children in the family. I know of an instance where the mother gets the money for herself and not for her kids.

The walking out of the seven Mambabatas Black is politically motivated, because they would like to get the support of the people outside the Batasan. You know what they did was disgusting. How can you teach our young to respect their elders, when adults can’t respect the leader of our country! Isn’t this a shame? DAP is one of the reason why this seven had filed an impeachment case against our President. If Pnoy used it in good purpose and he can prove it, then the end can justify the means. The Supreme Court should try to analyze it this way.