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Friday, 08 August 2014 11:14

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


There are really just a few good men these days.

I don’t mean the nice, kindhearted fellows, because our place still abounds with unselfish, ordinary folks.

What I refer to, are the honest andcompetent specialists like the following:

A very good plumber — I think this is one very rare specie.  There are many friendly but inferior plumbers whom you could call pronto.  They are enthusiastic to do the job and will even assure you that they were able to fix far worst leaking problems than yours.

You are  relieved, willing to pay whatever fee, and more eager still,to serve snacks to this heaven-sent problem solver. Then you forge friendship, for who would not be happy to be friends with somebody who has given you this great deliverance?

But after a week, the leaks are stronger and the fixtures are worse than before. Perhaps, on the part of the plumber, there was no intention to deceive, only, he is a better talker than a good worker.

It has crossed my mind several times, that if I were an out-of-school youth, with very slim chance of finishing my studies, I’d study plumbing and be a very good one. There would be  little competition in the plumbing business.

To be an in-demand plumber, your track record of honesty should be unquestionable, since you have to enter the houses and rooms of  people who do not know you.

Next, is very good mechanic- What could be worse than your car breaking down in the middle of a heavy traffic? You call somebody to push your car to the side, while everyone else is swearing at you for the inconvenience you have caused them.

Then your mechanic rushes to the site.  He troubleshoots  the problem, tinkers with the inside and finally you hear the wonderful whirring sound as the engine comes to life! You go home tired but thankful  that you are no longer the center of attraction of the streets.

But the following day, when you are rushing to take your kids to school,  your car is as dead as a nail. You rush for a tricycle or a jeepney, whichever comes first.  You reach your destination very stressed and wished that you married somebody richer who could buy you a brand new car (hehehe  joke).

A good, and honest mechanic is truly a great treasure for career people because you cannot afford to be late.  But really, there are very few of them around.

Finally, a good computer technician — Without this wonderful man, since most of them are males, the world will temporarily stop.  What are we to do if our computer bogs down and all our files are in it?  Almost everyone needs this expert.

Although some people can fix their own computers,there are computer problems which require a very highly skilled computer expert to solve.

May the tribe of these few good men increase and improve with time.