BEHIND THE LINE: A precious gift from a hotel PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 August 2014 11:38

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

We sometimes undergo an experience that,  simple as it might be,  will linger in our memory for a long, long time. And it won’t be just a pleasant memory but will also teach us a lesson or reinforce a lesson already learned. This happened to me  on a recent trip to Dumaguete.
I had not been to Dumaguete for several years but on this recent trip my husband and I  went to  look at property  that had the possibility of becoming a “retreat” for us in our sunset years.  We brought along two teenaged grandchildren as a treat to them and also to expose them to the new experiences of taking a fast seacraft  and being tourists in Bohol after visiting  Dumaguete.
I remember staying at the Bethel Guest House on my last trip to Dumaguete years ago so we asked a friend there to book us a room at the same hotel. Luckily the room we got overlooked the boulevard for which Dumaguete is well known – it runs by the seashore and people jog or exercise or simply rest on the benches found along the length of the promenade. Looking through the glass windows we could see the silhouette of Siquijor island in the distance.
I had just gotten out of  the elevator one time when I saw a rack of reading materials nearby for use of the hotel guests. A book title caught my eye – One Year Book of Psalms. I scanned it quickly and decided I wanted the book for myself. A member of the  hotel staff – her ID said Mila -was manning the counter on our floor. I asked her if the hotel had a bookshop where I could get a copy of the book but she said she didn’t know. She would ask her supervisor but in the meantime I could take the book to my room and read it. Later in the day Mila came to our room to say that “No, there is  no bookshop but the supervisor said  you may keep the book.”
I felt such a high hearing what Mila said. I realized that I could have simply kept the book  without any permission but I would always have that feeling of guilt each time I read it. And it is supposed to be a book for daily reflection. The way it turned out was so much better. Honesty does have its rewards.