COLOURS OF LIFE: Greatness: Have you ever dreamed about it? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:45



“You can only be great when you know how to care for those who have less and love those who hate you.” — Grace

Have you ever dreamed of being great? How did you plan to do it? Was it is for fame and fortune? Was it for prestige? Or was it for power? Did you ever dream of being great because of empathy for others?

Was it a desire to help a few, or merely to show off to others? Was it a sincere wish to forever be of service to anyone in need?

We all can be great in our own small ways.  We need not receive honors or recognitions. We only have to believe in ourselves; that we can do good things for others, for ourselves, our families and friends. That we can be great even without having to hurt or destroy others.

Being great can mean only one thing for us and  Which  is GIVING SELFLESSLY FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND -

That is - - sharing the comfort of our kindness at all times.