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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:46



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity…” (Proverbs 3:1-2, the Holy Bible).

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POLITICS AS “ART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE” BREEDS CORRUPTION: Lawyer Dante Ochoa wrote a reaction to our column entitled “Binay’s `nothing is impossible: scary’. He said: “You are right, it’s scary. This politics of the ‘art of the possible’ breeds corruption.  When everything is negotiable, then anything is for sale:  scruples, patriotism, love of country included.  It’s also called pragmatic leadership.”

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A GREAT EDITOR: Mr. Enrique P. Romualdez, or simply Pocholo to his media colleagues, must be pleasing God so much with whatever he is doing. I mean, when he celebrated his 88th birthday last August 09, 2014 with a surprise party tendered for him by his former editors and reporters at the Daily Express at The Bayleaf Hotel, he didn’t show any sign he was 88 years old.

Instead, Mr. Romualdez, now the executive editor of another newspaper, showed the strength of a 60 year old, and the same mental agility as chief editor of the Express when it was founded in 1972. Many of us from the Express half-expected him to show some signs of ageing, both physically and mentally, because many others who managed to reach 88 years old like him would already be showing the stresses of old age.

I was glad to see that this man who “terrorized” his reporters and editors at the Express about their syntax and wrong grammar years and years ago, about what to highlight in their news stories and opinion pieces, is enjoying God’s blessings as he breezes through the ninth decade—and more—of his life. Happy birthday, Mr. Romualdez, and may God bless you and your family more.

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PNOY GIVING OUT PORK BARREL TO FIGHT IMPEACHMENT: ACT Teachers Party List Rep. Antonio Tinio is making a very serious accusation against President Aquino with the fourth impeachment complaint against him: that Aquino is bribing congressmen with pork barrel allocations which were already declared illegal by the Supreme Court, in an effort to entice them to disregard the first three impeachment complaints against him.

Tinio claimed that Aquino sent Chairman Patricia Licuanan and Health Undersecretary Janet Garin (a former congresswoman from Iloilo) to several secret meetings with the congressmen, telling the lawmakers that they should not vote in favor of those impeachment complaints because Aquino is to give them hundreds of millions in pork allocations in the 2015 national budget.

If Tinio manages to prove his accusations, Aquino could be held liable not only for bribery, culpable violation of the Constitution, or betrayal of public trust, but also for  plunder, in that he allowed his allies in Congress to amass millions in government funds through the pork system. This could send him to jail likewise, if he doesn’t desist.

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WHAT’S HAPPENING TO PNOY? All of these maneuvers are certainly appalling, especially for a President who has been spewing pronouncements about his “righteous governance” program. How can the  President still offer pork allocations to our lawmakers when pork barrels have already been declared illegal by the Supreme Court?

Assuming he will give another name to pork barrel to remove it from the court’s decision, the giving of such financial largesse to legislators is still illegal, based on the tribunal’s final decision. Certainly, a pork barrel by any other name is still pork barrel, and is still barred by the Supreme Court. Really, what’s happening to the President of this country now?

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