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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:47



Good day to all DZT readers! Our climate appears very unpredictable. Sometimes in the day, it’s so hot, or sometimes, it suddenly rains. It’s like with some of our criminal and political issues that never end in court. It’s being revive once in a while, and can be compared to a merry go round carousel in the carnival, that keeps go round and round. The only difference here is you can stop it. While cases in court take a long time, especially when the accused are rich and influential.

One such celebrated case is the massacre of 52 persons in Lanao del Sur, where the accused were members of the influential Ampatuan family . We don’t know why this case is still hanging. The latest news that surfaced is that members of the prosecutor panel are allegedly receiving bribes from the accused, according to one of the defense lawyer. DOJ Sec. De Lima will call for an investigation under the NBI, to see the truth of the matter. Let’s hope there will be no cover ups since those involved are with the DOJ Dept.

At least here in our own beloved Latin City of Glowers, we haven’t heard of such scandals among our judges.    Criminals get what punishments they deserve. We’re lucky. However, in some instance, their lives are endangered, like Judge Estacio, who was gunned down in front of his residence. Let’s hope his murder will have a solution and  closure!