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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 11:39



I’ve eaten so far two dragon fruits which was sold to our son VP for P150 a kilo, equivalent to three dragon fruits. VP said this  fruit is being sold at P300/kilo outside. The vendor told us that it can cure cancer and diabetes. Well, I hope this is true. It’s going to be in demand in the market and perhaps it will either be more expensive or cheaper.

What attracted me most in this fruit is its fuchsia color, an attractive deep pink combined with reddish tint. The pulp inside is purple red, with tiny  black seeds, and when eaten, it’s soft and gives a sweetish flavor, similar to the water melon pulp. I don’t know if the purple red juice will stain our light colored clothes. Our son John said when he and his wife were in Singapore, the hotel served them dragon fruit as their dessert. We wanted a dragon plant in our garden, so our son ordered one which I guess was so costly. I learned later from the internet that this dragon plant looks like cactus and can be propagated thru cuttings.

Early this morning the vendor came back because he wanted to be assured if we’ll buy the plant itself. I said yes, but bargained the price with him first, and I guess, I got a good bargain price, much cheaper than what he was offering our son who was attending a session at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Hall. Teehee.