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Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:46



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… honor God with your bodies…” (1 Corinthians 6:20, the Holy Bible).

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“YES TO PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE VS. PDAF, DAP”: Here’s the survey result from the DZEC (1062 kHz) 6 a.m. program “Tambalang Batas at Somintac”, in its August 13, 2014 show: 100% to 0%, in favor of a people’s initiative being pushed by ex-Chief Justice Reynato Puno, ex-Budget Secretary Ben Diokno, and ex-UP President Jose Abueva, to pass a law that would bar pork barrel, legislative and presidential, forever. Some 5.2 million signatures are needed for this!

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NUEVA ECIJA RTC: PCOS UNRELIABLE IN POLLS: There is an interesting piece of news going around which shows that the Gapan City (Nueva Ecija) Regional Trial Court, with the Honorable Celso O. Baguio presiding, already established the unreliability of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines in reporting the true results of the 2013 voting and, indirectly, even of the 2010 presidential elections.

The reports are saying that Judge Baguio has issued a decision saying that “per manual counting of the votes appearing in official ballots used in Clustered Precincts Nos. 19, 29 and 30 in Barangays Pias and Concepcion, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, candidate Eduardo Villanueva (Bro. Eddie) garnered a total of 900 votes as against the Comelec count of only 781 votes.”

The manual counting showed that Bro. Eddie was voted as the number one senator in those three Clustered Precincts. The Comelec national count, however, showed him to be only number 19. There are many other proofs, of course, of the unreliability of the PCOS machines, as shown in countless petitions before the poll body, but why is the Comelec continuing to insist on the machines’ use come 2016?

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WHY AQUINO GOV’T, COMELEC, STIL FAVOR PCOS:  The Automated Election Systems Watch (AESW) already publicly declared its own findings about the deficiencies of PCOS machines, but no one from the Aquino government and the Commission on Elections seem interested to take remedial action. Instead, both the Aquino government and the Comelec appear bent on using the PCOS all over again in 2016.

Perhaps, this could be the reason why some candidates who are at the bottom of countless surveys on our people’s preference for president in 2016 have been continuing to prop themselves up as presidential candidates? Maybe, they know they may not be elected by the people but, with the magic of PCOS machines, they could still grab the presidency just the same?

This could be the only reason for such adamant posture in their insistence to run for the presidency in 2016. Indeed, as the AESW had been repeatedly saying, “while the PCOS machines counted and did it publicly, nobody saw how and what they counted. Besides, the security safeguards required by the law were disabled. So there’s no transparency in the PCOS machines’ counting, for the public counting was actually secret counting.”

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MANUAL COUNTING BETTER THAN PCOS: The AESW, through its member Nelson Celis, said further: “That’s why European countries that had used AES eventually reverted back to manual tallying and counting of votes.

“Even Germany’s Federal Supreme Court in 2009 ruled against the AES because the use of electronic voting machines is contrary to the democratic and public character that elections must have. Nobody sees how the machines are reading each ballot and then the machines report results that no one could verify…”

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