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Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:47



There are a thousand and one reasons why we must dress properly. Proper dressing, I mean the kind or type of clothes or dress one must wear, greatly depends on the event or occasion to be attended, the office or institution one is working for, or the time or season of the year.

Flight stewardesses, bank personnel, and sales force of promotion and marketing agencies wear colorful, stylish, and avant-garde clothes and dresses, while government employees wear simple, conservative lines of uniforms.

Proper dressing at all times is, however, required by reason of one’s office as in the case of Mayor Beng Salazar.

The position of City Mayor is the highest and most honorable local government position in the city. The position not only requires competence and dedication to duty but also utmost decency, propriety and finesse. In short, she must be the epitome of the true, good or beautiful since she represents our city and the populace.

Many observers, however, were dismayed the other day seeing our City Mayor Beng on television, wearing merely a t-shirt while receiving visitors from South Korea at City Hall. These foreign guests were all dressed in coat-and-tie which is a clear manifestation of their respect to our Mayor and the city as a whole.

But Mayor Beng, lacking in dignity and decorum, not only degraded herself and the exalted position she occupies but also insulted her visitors, who were all dressed in the nines, by receiving them at her office in her casual t-shirt.

There’s only one Mayor who can commit this serious faux pas and can be forgiven by us but Mayor Cesar Climaco is long gone. There’s only one Cesar Climaco and Beng Climaco-Salazar is not Cesar Climaco.

Hopefully, the next time around, we will see Mayor Beng properly dressed not only in receiving visitors but also in performing her daily routine tasks. The Mayoralty is an “institution”. It demands everyone’s utmost respect.