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Friday, 15 August 2014 13:02

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


I  admit, I am quite meddlesome.

Some say that I am nice kind of meddlesome, and others say I am just really meddlesome and not very nice.

But, whichever kind of meddlesome I am, my family and friends are tarred with the same brush. Meaning, most, if not all of us, are meddlesome.

Take for example my sister, Ruth. One time, she was walking in Plaza Pershing when the lady in front of her suddenly stopped. The straps of her sandals, completely gave way that she could walk no further with it.

The helpless lady became very tense, and my sister, very casually, to avoid getting the attention of other passers-by, softly offered to buy her a pair of slippers, if she would wait.

The distraught lady merely nodded almost crying. And do you know when Ruth hurriedly returned with the pair of slippers? She found the lady standing just as she left her —  glued to the spot where the unfortunate incident happened, sweaty with stress. But she was greatly relieved when she saw my sister holding a parcel containing the promised slippers.

Another story is of Cely, my friend. She was in Manila, when she saw an old woman who seemed lost. So in her behalf, she asked some authorities about the woman’s concern.  She let this aged provinciana ride with her, since they were headed to the same direction, so that this poor old woman can save on fare.  When it was Cely’s time to dismount, she instructed the driver where to drop the lady.  But the lady went down with her and did not like to leave her anymore.  So Cely, who also had other appointments, brought the woman to the police station so they could take over her task of taking care of her.

I also have my share of dipping my fingers in other people’s problem.

One time I saw a guard leading a feeble old man to the terminal of Ayala. Then he crossed back to his post.  I asked the guard where the old man was going, and he said to Ayala.

Since the terminal was just across the street, I saw the throng of passengers waiting for the same van. The old man was among all these young, strong, big people that I worried he would not be able to get a seat.

So when the van came, I pushed myself with the rest of the crowd to get a seat for the old man.Then, I called him as loudly as I could, but he was just there in the middle of all the rushing people oblivious of my call.

I was asking somebody from the outside to call the man when I felt the van running already.

I went down hurriedly and told the man beside me to reserve the seat, for the old man.  In which he sarcastically replied, that he did not know you could already make reservations in vans.

The ending of this story is that the “condoctor” gave the old man a seat near the door.

Eddie is a meddlesome old man as well.  He noticed that very few were buying cigarettes from a cigarette vendor near the fire station. He surmised that it was because this vendor did not have a cigarette lamp (since lighters were not popular then), to light the cigarettes of the buyers.

When Eddie reached home, he got a small empty guava jelly bottle, and painstakingly made a lamp for  the vendor.  He gave it to the very surprised cigarette man the following day.  And by the way, Eddie does not smoke, but according to him, whether he gives the vendor a cigarette lamp or not, the man would still be selling cigarettes.   So he just decided to give him a cigarette lamp to increase his income.