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Sunday, 17 August 2014 15:17



SAN JOSE, CA. — Like it nor not, she’s the man right now. Whether aptly attired, sporting a t-shirt with slacks, wearing rubber soles or slip-ons, she’s the man until we elect a replacement in 2016, or re-elect her for a second term. I’ve criticized her style of get-up since she was a city councilor. Then I realized that she isn’t a model who parades around with loud, expensive clothes. She probably doesn’t observe decorum because she dresses up for comfort. Drigo Balbon is correct — her office stands for decency, honor and integrity and, therefore, she must be appropriately attired for all occasions.

But a Climaco will always be a Climaco. Cesar, her uncle, went down as the worst dress-man of Zamboanga. Patarasa wore a coat, at least. He paled in comparison to his side-kick, Tic Varela. I have yet to see a Climaco dress fashionably. Still and all, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is the man. Attribute her lousy make-over to the years she spent with the nuns — simple, but meek and gentle. She’s not in a “Ms. Congeniality” contest. I stand on this hope: “Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.” She can change. Hire a stylist, or is that too much on her purse. And as Thomas Morell (who?) said: “The first great gift we can bestow on others is god example.” It’s the way you do things that defines you. Live my example, m’am.

So much for Madam Beng and Senorito Drigo. They’re friends, make no mistake about it. Just Like Drigo and Sir Celso are friends. Now, I got you to say, “whoe!”

I try as much as possible not to be a social whirl like Tita and Mila. Birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, fiestas and special gatherings are their cup-of-tea. The last time I checked, there are a few politicians, living or dead, who carried themselves well with their magnificent apparels, not necessarily in the order of merit. Tic Varela tops the list; Cresenciano “Dodong” Cabanlit; Asterio “Aster” Solis with his elevator, well-shined shoes; Roberto “Bong” Ko; Bucky Bucoy; Mrs. Maria Clara L. Lobregat; Vinnie Atilano; Erbie Fabian; V.P. Elago; Mel Sadain; Nonong Guingona; Mel Agan; LYnette Abarro; and Aman Nuno. The list is long.

How about my media friends, you ask? We dress for “combat” if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, here’s a short list, living or dead: Liza Jocson; Drigo Balbon; Ller Enriquez; Eddie and Lolita Chua; Pal Marquez; Sammy Santos; Danny Bernardo; Frank Altea; Max Enriquez; Bong Apolinario; Lope Iringan (one-time news anchor of FUBC-9); Noel Erasga; Rolly San Juan and Atty. Vic Solis, former legal adviser of the Zamboanga Press Club, Inc.