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Sunday, 17 August 2014 15:17

BY Berlie G. Yap


Indeed, any ordinary person understands that there is strength in unity. A holy man asked once that “can two walk together if they be not agreed?”

Scientists still argue up to now if ants do have brains or none at all because of their minuteness. However we are all the time astounded of their might because of their unity. Whether by gathering food on summer time for their sustenance on rainy season or a fight to bigger insects, ants are always outstanding and invincible, despite they are only bugs.

Relatively, it is not in someone’s smallness that maters but to his ability to join to his kind to bond together. Then they mutate to become undefeatable. Japanese people are smaller in stature if you compare them to Caucasians or to Chinese. But it is a history that they almost conquered Asia on the 2nd World War! At present they actually are now reigning, if not the world for sure Asia, because of their finery in technology. Japanese industry enslaves literally to some degree Asia or the world despite their country doesn’t have much of natural resources for their raw materials. And they only can have them by importing from other countries like the Philippines. We sell to them timber and minerals like carbon. They manufacture and produce them to be papers and batteries then sell them back to us. Smart isn’t it?

Japan is always exemplary in nationalism, submission and unity. No wonder they are strong. True is the proverb, “never despise your small beginnings”. I know a story of a family from an average background. Because of poverty and hardships, the parents worked harder for the children’s education—five of them. They started to sell Lapaz Batchoy in a small rented kiosk for their humble carinderia. Every single day their lives rolled with usual routines. Including their children, who each helped to run the carinderia. Years rolled, the children gradually finished their studies and the small carinderia to a restaurant. The business also expanded and later sold rights for franchises all over the country. Nice? Unity can catapult any family, organization or a locality to unimaginable heights of glory.

Our class, in Criminal Procedure, was divided into groups to perform a certain requirement. Thus, last Friday we went to the Hall of Justice to observe proceedings. It was a whole day activity then later in the afternoon we hurriedly ran to catch our 5:30 Human Rights class. At 7:30 o’clock we ate our dinner; 8 PM we consolidate to brainstorm in ACTS’ confab room. Except for a couple of members who were on official travels, all of us were around. A sacrifice we must lay for our group and for our grades. We thank the Lord then for the unity and the exceptional efforts of our leaders.

Many say, including her critics, that Mayor Beng is able to cement political cracks in her administration. The opposition believes and supports her leadership. Our City went through a lot last year especially the siege. We caught the world’s attention. Even up to now we still can feel its effect. Yet Zamboanga is rising up gradually and surely. Have you been recently to Putik, Divisoria and Boalan? One can’t fail to notice glory in our City. We hope that our newly constructed IBT, which is to be operational this December, will allure more investors to Zamboanga.

Would you agree that all of this progress can be partly attributed to our good political environment in the City? Unity is extremely crucial in any development.

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