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Friday, 22 August 2014 11:39



If you are seriously ill and need to be taken to the hospital immediately, you can dial 117 for an ambulance from the Zamboanga City Medical Center and it will be at your doorsteps and give them a few minutes, the volunteers and the ambulance will be at your doorsteps! There is also an ambulance from the Zamboanga Red Cross. Dial tel. 992 1622, and immediately, the ambulance will be at your rescue. S T O P  D E A T H is their slogan!

Am writing this because there’s a word for a superlative degree for most, I would say, we are the mostest, teehee. You know why…we ride the ambulance all the time, my husband and I, when we are really sick. Just recently, my husband was again confined at the Zamboanga Peninsula Hospital, the newest  and biggest hospital in our midst located in Putik. Again, the ambulance of ZCMC was used to transfer my husband back and forth, until he was released. I would like to thank Dr. Rose Jamco, who assisted me throughout the morning at the Emergency Room, Dr. Carpio, and to the hospital itself, for allowing my husband’s doctor, Dr. Roger Fernandez, to attend to him. I understand, almost all doctors in Zamboanga are stockholders of Zampen Hospital  and to all the nurses and care givers, thank you all once again!

Thank you too to the volunteers of the Health Emergency Medical Center (HEMS) team. These are young men and women dedicated to offer their services for free. They said HEMS is connected with the Dept. of Health. They are the following: James Camins, Jeff Buhian, D.J. Morgia, Rodel Ramonez, Charles Patrick Serrano, Jerco Jangalay, Jay-R Medrano, Ave ajihil, Sithe Bara, Wilsen de la Torre, Eurice Orque. Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work!