TODAY’S MANNA: Destiny shall tell PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 August 2014 11:43

BY Berlie G. Yap


One can’t really tell what will be next until destiny consumates. I am a witness to such a phenomenon on August 9, 2014 when I had the privilege to officiate the wedding of Arniel Tabancura and Charmaine Acain at a resort in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur.

I’m not accurate though but it is safe to approximate, it was 6 years ago when one of our boys in the community brought a classmate for a celebration. They were engineering students then in WMSU. It was Arniel. He was kind of a silent and a reserved type. That I just discarded until his wedding day when I learnt that he was a total orphan and was raised by good aunts and uncles, thus, the making of his unique personality. The young man is also gifted with wisdom. During their Mechanical Engineering board examination, he was No. 20th among more than 800 takers nationwide. After his oath-taking he also was granted a special scholarship to take Marine Engineering and just in 5 months. Extensively he finished and passed, too, the second board examination. So he boarded an international ship.

On Charmaine—she happened to coincidentally drop to our community because of some friends. She liked our place and permanently stayed. I didn’t know that they also got across with Arniel and magically became in love with each other. Ohh, their love story! Then both of them after graduation left Zamboanga and had to find their lives professionally. Fast forward—so was their very nice wedding on August 9.

Destiny is real! Why? Because God is the one responsible for them, we though somehow cannot just simply fathom them because of our finite minds and understanding. It is like cracking the contemporary technology while living inn the Stone Age.

Adam only slept that when he woke up he found Eve at his side. Among all the creatures in the Garden it was only him found to be alone. Thus, God remarked, “It is not GOOD for a man to be ALONE.” Loneliness spawns depression and often depression leads to suicidal tendencies as recently what happened to our all-time favorite Robin Williams, may his soul rest in peace.

God caused a deep sleep to Adam, so deep and sound that he didn’t feel whatsoever as God first perform the first surgery in history. The Almighty took one of Adam’s ribs from his left set. He refined the rib to be later, Eve. Few hours after the surgery Adam woke up and opened his eyes, the next moment was a time suspended or a magic because Eve was there lying undisturbed at his side. She was so beautiful. Then God officiated the first wedding in the Garden under the coolness of the day. He also blessed them to go, multiply and saturate the earth.

Relatively, single men, you too like Adam or Arniel, shall also wake up one day and find your woman or vice versa ladies your men in God’s perfect timing. Believe that you as well are set for a destiny.

Hard work or diligence is another quality, preferably for the guys that must be seen to prepare your future. With the hard life now, one mustn’t rush things else usual regrets will haunt you for a lifetime. Young men, finish your studies! Do well with your grades. If you also can bag a better percentage on your board examination, it can be an edge to finding a job. Nothing is impossible under the canopy of heaven. God designed you to be complete like tiny seeds. Those stuffs only look as trivial and small but all the necessary cocktails to produce great trees are inside them. In every human life, there lies a possible mighty man inside that waits to be stirred every step of the way.

It is, hence, the reason why we too need life coaches. They help us get directions. Their counsels point us a focus. That I rejoice to accomplish to a young man and a young woman’s lives—Arniel & Charmaine, whom I wedded 2 weeks ago. You can check their footage through this link courtesy to Vista de Lente, God bless you.