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Saturday, 23 August 2014 11:32



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “However, if you no longer listen to the Lord your God and no longer obey His commands... all these curses will come upon you and overtake you...” (Deuteronomy 28:15, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

FOREIGNERS LORDING IT OVER IN RP: My wife, former Paranaque City Judge Angelina Domingo Mauricio, and our daughter, Maria Luisa, dined at the restaurant of a five-star hotel in Manila Thursday night, and what I saw confirmed to me that what the Bible had been saying about foreigners lording it over in our own country is really true and is already happening without fail.

In that restaurant where the food and drinks that are being served are fit only for kings and queens and princes and princesses, 99.99% of those eating and drinking are nationals and citizens of other countries, while the workers serving them, ready to do their bidding, are Filipinos who are even equipped with collegiate and, for some, masteral degrees.

This kind of a scene is, of course, not exclusive to the hotel where we had dinner, but is in reality repeated in all the other five-star hotels or restaurants everywhere in the Philippines. Foreigners in our country are feasting on abundant food and intoxicating drinks, while Filipinos stand ready and in rapt attention to serve them.

* * * *

PRICE OF DISOBEYING GOD: How did this malady—indeed, it is a social malady, because Filipinos who are supposed to be the masters in their own country have become second class citizens right in their own backyard, as it were—happen? How come Filipinos are now mere slaves where they are supposed to be kings and queens themselves?

The answer is simple. This status, or occurrence, or malady, if you will, was predicted and prophesied to happen by the Bible. As the only Christian nation in Asia, Filipinos were told that we should always listen to God and obey His commands so that we and our children and their own children as well can always receive His blessings, guidance, and protection.

We can find that assurance in many passages of the Bible, but the most important of these passages can be found in Deuteronomy 28:1-14, and it would do well to read it now. On the other hand, we were also told that if we no longer listen to God and no longer obey Him, God will send us His curses, and among them is the curse of foreigners lording it over all of us, to the point that they would even become our leaders and top government officials.

* * * *

A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH: Much as Filipinos would want to deny that we are no longer listening, and are no longer obeying, God, the stark reality cannot be simply swept under the rug. Many are no longer going to churches, many are no longer teaching their children and their families about God, and many are no longer reading, much less obeying, God’s commands.

We have completely turned away from God, and so His curses have descended upon us in droves. If we read the Bible’s Book of Curses, in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, we can see the reality of these curses in our midst—foreigners lording it over us, officials from both sides of the political spectrum stealing from us, our children being given to other nations to suffer in the guise of employment.

I asked one of the employees of the hotel where we dined Thursday night, if he is aware of a possible solution to this malady. He was clueless. If he will only read the Bible, however, he will see that what is needed now is to listen to God by reading, and meditating on, His Bible and then obeying His commands carefully. We should do this now, for this is now a matter of life and death.

* * * *

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