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Thursday, 28 August 2014 12:56



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… So Pharaoh asked them, `Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom the Spirit of God dwells?’...” (Genesis 41:38, the Holy Bible).

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NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION COUNCIL: A group of Filipino Christian and Islamic leaders, together with some other concerned citizens of the Republic who are calling themselves the “National Transformation Council”, is now trying to find ways by which President Aquino can be made to immediately step down, to pave the way for a “radical change” to be effected in the country.

The Council was supposed to have met in Lipa City in Batangas on Wednesday, August 27, 2014, to make its presence felt for the first time, although a report from former Sen. Francisco S. Tatad said it has been in existence for the last three years “holding private internal meetings to reflect on the rapidly changing moral and political environment after Aquino came to office.”

In its meeting in Lipa City, Tatad said the Council members who have been made so strictly by invitation only were supposed to have answered just one question: how to “put in a transition team that would fix the system before we seriously consider electing a new government…” As I was writing this column, there was no word yet as to the outcome of the Lipa City meeting, but I am sure Council members will want to inform all Filipinos of their next move.

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TRANSITION GOV’T TO REPLACE AQUINO GOV’T: At the outset, let me point out that what the Council is trying to do—finding ways by which Aquino will step down, and putting in a “transition government” in place of the Aquino government—can no longer be considered illegal or even against the present Constitution, passed in 1987 by President Cory Aquino, the current President Aquino’s mother.

The reason is that, under the Cory Constitution, there is now a “people power provision” which says quite clearly that the Filipino people and their associations have a right to “reasonable participation at all levels of social, political, and economic decision-making…” Translated in layman’s language, this “people power” provision of the Constitution simply means the people can now intervene in government at any time.

In fact, that was what happened in 1986 (when the so-called EDSA Revolution took place), and also in 2001 (when President Estrada was ousted by the so-called EDSA Revolution II). As a Catholic bishop said on February 13, 1986, “if the government does not of itself freely correct the evil it has inflicted on the people, then it is our serious moral obligation as a people to make it do so,” Tatad pointed out.

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REFORM THROUGH GOD’S WORD: I would just like to contribute my two cents worth though. Indeed, the objectives of this National Transformation Commission as disclosed by Tatad—“repairing what has been broken, damaged or destroyed, taking out the rot, and reordering the larger moral and political environment”—are noble, and merit the support of all Filipinos.

But, as everyone of us should be very much aware by now, the end does not always justify the means. Replacing the Aquino government with a transition government should not therefore be the sole end of this enterprise. The end should be reforming the Filipino—and this we can only do by reforming his spirituality and relationship with God.

Undeniably, change can only come if our people start going back to God, whatever He maybe called by our people—God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah. And our people can do this by returning to His Word, whether it be from the Bible, or from the Koran, or from any other holy book of the other faiths. The standard should be spirituality which is based on the Word of God of every religious group, not on the mere say so of any leader.

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