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Saturday, 30 August 2014 11:20



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray;  they turn you from the path…” (Isaiah 3:12, the Holy Bible).

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WHY WAS EVIDENCE IN FERTILIZER SCAM WITHHELD? I have a question for Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, in connection with her assurance given to Congress that her office has evidence, enough even to “shock the world”, to convict former Agriculture Secretary Cito Lorenzo and Undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante in the P728 million plunder case, which is now being threatened with dismissal by the Sandiganbayan for lack of proof.

If Morales and her office have in their possession this evidence against Lorenzo and Bolante that can “shock the world”, why have they not presented that before the graft court? How come there seems to be a suppression or withholding of that evidence in the plunder case, to the point that the Sandiganbayan is saying it will dismiss the case unless additional proof is submitted by the Ombudsman?

What, indeed, were the overriding motivations or consideration for Morales and the Office of the Ombudsman to have seemingly suppressed and withheld the evidence that would convict Lorenzo and Bolante? Were Morales and her office thinking of national interest in not submitting that evidence against the two, or were they thinking of some other, or, perhaps, others’, interest?

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WEAK CASES, INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE UNDER MORALES: It would seem that filing of weak cases, or failing to offer sufficient evidence, has become the norm under Morales as the Ombudsman. Several months ago, we already wrote in this space about the published complaint of a Justice of the Sandiganbayan in connection with the P10 billion pork barrel scam, that Morales is “featherweight and amateurish” as the graft-buster of the Aquino government.

We said then: “What was the justice complaining about, specifically? First is that, Morales allegedly allowed the plunder charge against (Sen. Ramon “Bong”) Revilla and (Janet) Napoles to reach the graft court even if it is weak, thereby making the charge vulnerable to attack from the defense.

“According to the justice, it is very clear that Morales and her subordinates at the Office of the Ombudsman acted hastily in the preliminary investigation of the plunder case. `Minadali’ (the Filipino word for acting haphazardly) was how the justice described the filing of the case.

“Then, the justice also decried the inability of the charge that Morales filed with the Sandiganbayan against Revilla and Napoles to `establish the body of the crime’ of plunder.  The justice complained that Morales allowed loopholes in the complaint for plunder, making it vulnerable to attack from the defense.

“The justice said: `With all the hype about truckloads of evidence, the prosecution has yet to establish the body of crime. The justices (of the Sandiganbayan) will rule based only on evidence at hand, and presented. The prosecution had better make up their minds real soon and come up with better and stronger arguments and evidence’…”

* * * *

PNOY, A DANGER TO THE REPUBLIC: Here is a part of the “Lipa City Declaration” which Filipino Catholic, Protestant, and Islam leaders who formed themselves into a “National Transformation Council”  issued last Wednesday, 27 August 2014: “we declare that President Aquino has lost the moral right to lead the nation, and had become a danger to the Philippine Democratic and Republican state… and we call upon him to immediately relinquish his position…”

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