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Monday, 01 September 2014 11:43

BY Berlie G. Yap


It’s a given fact that tomorrow is a haze, a total limbo that none can tell about what is ahead. It’s a reality that only the Divine has trodden upon and the sole reason why it is worth to trust Him. We may not know who holds our tomorrow but we can be certain that it is He who holds them! What matters more to us is our TODAY. We must know how to celebrate for it, make the most of it and use it to ready for our future. The best gift we ever received from our Creator beside redemption is time. How do you use yours?

Be grateful for it! Use time wisely to see the beauty of life. Choose to live a thankful heart than an anxious one. In every situation we go through, there is that bright side many fail or ignore to see. Something an auto-pilot is programmed in our fallen nature. We often rather are able to see the bleak and ugliness of life. Remember, ours in a broken world. However, there are still those wonderful things. Those are the ones I’m referring us to be grateful of and while the “not so good things”, let us learn from them.

Through poverty one can learn to value his every single asset he can have whether tangible or intangible. I wish to point something here. Do you know that even in poverty you still can discover some good things—the little food, the meager work, the simple education, and the humble shelter to warm you at night? Between a WHINER and a WINNER the difference will always be the attitude. The attitude of how one sees things and his response to them. His reaction determines the kind of his heart and the life he has. Choose to be grateful!

We only live once. Believe you me, life is beautiful! James Bond movies are my personal favorites. He had a 1967 film entitled YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. Man! That was such a classic. But to have twice lives is only fictional. You know how our imagination works and often. Yet reality will still hit us that life is only once and short. Because of this truth we thus ought to make the most to what we got—indeed to everything we got! Life here in this side of eternity is only a one shot chance. No repeats when this borrowed gift called life expires. There are many in their terminal stages who remarked, “If I could only turn back the time.” Regrets come always at the last.

But the good news is that most of us are yet in the “NOONTIME” stage of our cycles! Hence, we make the most. Young man, finish an education, if you can go beyond the undergrad, get a master’s and a post-graduate education. You cannot know they can be your early preparations for a better life tomorrow. Opportunities only knock very rare and you must be ready when they do because they soon dissipate if you are not. Seize every chance that comes along your way.

Qualifications are results from one’s steady and gradual investments to time, efforts and energy. A person who doesn’t understand this value can only see them as a usual mundane because every sacrifice is expensive. But to the wise, it is worth it! To him it is a gold-mine that cannot be tradedwith any allure—allures that will surely try to pull us in the journey.

However, when you instead can make it to the finish it will be more than just a relief but a heaven-on-earth experience. Your “TODAY” is your chance to prepare your “TOMORROW”.  Never waste it. In your hands lies today the determination to whether you make it as a PRINCE or a PAUPER five or ten years from now. Tomorrow is certainly uncertain, yet you can prepare for what you want and what you can be in the future. Your life, spend that well.

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