TICKLE ME PINK: I don’t want to remember the Sept. 9 seige PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:51



Yes, this is how I personally feel. I don’t want to remember the Sept. 9 siege that happened in five of our barangays which will be one year already this 9th of September.

There’s nothing to celebrate and not worth remembering. I don’t want to remember that there were traitors in our midst that enabled our enemies to infiltrate in five of our barangays. What I would like to remember is the heroism of our soldiers and policemen who died protecting us from our enemies. This is what we should do… offer prayers and offer mass to the departed heroes, including the civilians who became victims of this most tragic event in our beloved Zamboanga City.

If Marines are in our midst, it isn’t because we are on red alert status, it is because the head of Western Mindanao Command is a Marine himself, General Guererro, with whom I have met when my late son-in-law Col. Leonard Vincent Teodoro was under his command, together with Gen. Atanalgo. I can honestly say people of Zamboanga feel safe when the Marines are around!

Here’s one thing I would like to tell you. When thieves intend to rob your house, they won’t tell you, right? They time it when you are unaware, am I right? Texting is being used to frighten people of a 2nd siege. Common sense tells me that if ever our enemies would attack our city, would they still warn us? If they don’t want peace, so be it. How many homes are armed in Zambo? Would we just leave them to attack us? Even God dispersed his unbelievers. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah! Let’s only pray and hope the civilians won’t raise arms in case the unexpected would happen! How I wish we had a Women’s Brigade, so that our women won’t feel helpless in case of emergencies!