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Friday, 05 September 2014 11:48

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


It was an ordinary class day. Everybody was quietly copying, or so I thought, till  from the far right end corner of the front row, somebody blurted, “ Raffy is crying ma’am.”

I looked at Raffy, and saw his eyes -a little red, but it could just pass as the after effect of a yawn.  But Raffy looked at me sadly, so I surmised that it must be true.

Raffy was one of my secret favorites. He was very neat and well-behaved. Therefore, I did not like it when Ceejay, the tattler, embarrassed him to the whole class, by adding, that Raffy was broken hearted.

And before I could stop him, Ceejay continued, that the girl was also my student from my last period class.

Ceejay reluctantly kept quiet, after I gave him one my threatening glares.  But since Raffy’s dilemma was out of the bag already, one classmate after the other, probed him about his love problem.

Raffy unhappily told them that his girlfriend broke up with him because he stood her-up  the other afternoon, after  she waited for him for a long time, in her classroom.

And hard as I tried to be deadpan on this matter, I was fighting a losing battle of trying to be impassive about this very interesting topic in class. The love affairs of others have always been titillating to my ears,  for as long as I could remember.

And without realizing it, I was asking  the most questions already, such as which girl, how they met, what he liked about her, and many more.

And because “boy-girl relationship” is more interesting than “subject-verb agreement”, the whole class became very noisy bugging my miserable student about his heartache. And Raffy tried to answer patiently  all the queries of  his very concerned classmates and teacher.

“ Ok that’s enough now, you’ll get over it Raffy, I’m sure” I finally said,just to redeem some of the dignity I lost for being interfering. And Raffy smiled his  woeful smile, that I felt guilty for deriving some entertainment from his misery.

So after class, I made it up to him by saying  that with his looks and character, many girls will be honored if they get his attention. But of course, study should be 90% and inspiration just 10%, I made sure to add. Then I gave him a biscuit and  left.

The following day, in my last period, the girl in question childishly said, “ Ma’am, Raffy said that our break-up made him very popular in your class.”

She was a good-natured,normal  girl, so I just smiled, and in my most marmly manner, reminded her to focus on her studies.

No wonder Raffy was not the least embarrassed during the class interrogation, because he was getting satisfaction from being the center of attention that morning, when his friend, Ceejay, informed everybody of his love problem.

I’ve been a teacher for 23 years, yet, I’ll never be able to fully understand these teenagers. The teaching profession is really unpredictable.