K-12 education: A step towards reforms, globalization PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 11:46



As a new frontier in education reform, the Department of Education (DepEd) as mandated the K-12 Program to be implemented in all public and private schools, with it’s newly designed curriculum to be implemented at all grades level.

For 7-12 levels. The main concept of this core program is to deliver the basic skills and competence level of the students to sustain quality training for future employment. With this development, a graduate of the K-12 Program is expected to gain knowledge and skills they can use and apply in the different areas of employment. However, for those who wish to pursue tertiary education, they may also proceed to any degree program which has relevance to the skills and trainings they got from Grade 7 to 12.

By the end of the school year 2016-2017, Filipinos will already be attuned with other Asian countries and the world in terms of education. Looking at the K-12 program per se, It is a way of uplifting and upgrading our educational system for globally. Competitive Education. More so, it’s an opportunity of making every Filipino competent and competitive to the rest of the world.