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Thursday, 11 September 2014 11:24



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash’…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 7:26-27, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

WHY ALL THESE CRIMINALITY AMONG FILIPINOS? The most pressing question uppermost in the minds of all Filipinos today is this: how come almost all of us appear to have descended already to the lowest depths of our being humans, and have become criminals, thieves, robbers, unfaithful to our spouses, abusive to our children and family members, and capable of even the most despicable crimes?

I mean, we have undeniably become capable of raping baby girls, killing children, and men and women alike like they were mere chicken or animals to be slaughtered, regularly stealing billions and billions of government money, remorselessly engaging in graft and corruption even among those who are called upon to be clean and upright.

In short, Filipinos have become devilish, doing acts only the devil is supposed to be capable of doing, the latest proof of which is the kidnapping of two employees of a  businessman from Mindanao in EDSA, Mandaluyong City, in broad daylight and in full view of thousands of people, just so the kidnappers, all members of the La Loma, Quezon City Police Station, could take the P2 million the employees were carrying.

* * * *

FILIPINOS LOST CAPABILITY TO BE GODLY: Without intending to blame anyone for this misfortune which has engulfed the Filipino people, may I be permitted to say that the only plausible reason why many of us have become capable of evil at this point is the fact that we have lost our capability to be godly. And we have lost our capability to be godly simply because our generation and the generations before us grew up without God.

Since we grew up without God, guess who we grew up with? The devil, of course, and this is the reason why we have imbibed his thoughts, why we have imitated his actions, and why we, as a nation, have become the very personification of the devil in our day-to-day lives. Just look around us and we will not fail to see the truth of this evil transformation of the Filipino people.

How did it happen that we grew up without God in our side? I would like to answer this by raising more questions. Who among us read, meditated on, and obeyed, the Bible as we grew up? Who among us in our families talked about God, His love, guidance, and protection? Who among us truly taught our children to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls? Anyone?

* * * *

DEATH AND DESTRUCTION FOR ALL FILIPINOS: Because we grew up not reading the Bible, not meditating on it nor obeying God’s commands written therein, not teaching love of God to our children, God’s curses have rained down on us in droves, in complete fulfillment of His warnings. We have been warned through the ages, through the Bible, yet we did not want to hear or listen.

This is the reason why we are all reaping the poisoned fruit of our refusal to listen to God and to obey His commands. This is the reason why our minds have been darkened. This is the reason why our souls and spirits have learned to obey the teachings and the doctrines of the evil one, making us all capable of heinous criminality.

This is the reason why we are all headed for death and destruction, unless we come to our senses and realize that this evil criminality in our midst today not only has made us all criminals as of the present time, but inevitable occupants of the eternal lake of fire and worms, necessitating a change in our minds towards godliness, towards listening to God and obeying Him sincerely once again. Act now!

* * * *

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