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Friday, 12 September 2014 12:02

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


There were two people in the ship who made the work of Captain Conrad tougher than it should be —  the bad-tempered chief engineer and and the plucky first engineer.

These two hated each other and everyone in the ship was aware of it. The captain always had to appease the chief engineer who constantly complained  about his headstrong subordinate.

Then one day, in the engine room, they found these two foes shouting and brandishing tools at each other.  Everyone panicked and hastily called the captain.

The distraught captain rushed to the scene and took control. He told them that he was reporting the incident to the office, and request that one of them be dismissed.  As to who, it would be up to the management.

After this confrontation, the chief engineer immediately called -up his wife, and directed her to contact a lawyer immediately,as he was suing the first engineer the soonest time he disembarked.

Days passed and the animosity between these two mariners just worsened, as they hurled derogatory words to each other, slammed the door when the other was around and did annoying things to provoke the other.

The chief engineer regularly followed-up from his very harassed wife about the lawyer, while the first engineer sullenly waited for the verdict of his dismissal to arrive.

The captain sensed that the co-habitation of the two, was hazardous for the rest of the crews,  and the ship as a whole. So he decided to send a second letter requesting the office to hasten the relief of  either of these two feuding seamen.

But before sending the letter, the captain decided to try for the last time to convince the chief engineer to settle his disagreement with the first engineer amicably. He explained that nothing can be gained by their quarrel other than imperil the comfortable life his family is enjoying now, if he will be fired. So he suggested that if he were in his place, he would call-up the first engineer.

And to Captain Conrad’s disbelieving ears, the prideful chief engineer simply said he was willing to call the first engineer and settle whatever dispute they have, which even the chief engineer could not remember. What he remembers only, is the latest hurling of dangerous tools at each other, but as to what caused the bad-blood between them, he could only guess.

The first engineer too, readily assented to the suggestion of the good captain and soon the two mortal enemies  in the boat, forgave each other and became friends.

But the captain’s task was not complete yet. The chief engineer secretly approached him, and requested him to instruct his wife to cancel the services of the lawyer she was forced to hire.

And called her up he did, and told her the happy news! The harassed wife was greatly relived for she was already greatly distressed just thinking of their impending legal battle.

Then, Captain Conrad sent a message to the office and wrote thus: “ Kindly disregard my request for the dismissal of one of my crew in relation to the conflict here in the ship. I am happy to inform you that everything has been settled, and our ship is sailing smoothly now.”