Bangsa Subanon separatist movement? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 September 2014 11:52



The formation of  another minority group in Western Mindanao that casually came to knowledge bears watching.

Though clearly separate and distinct, they espouse the language of separatist movements, such claim to ancestral land they also call BANGSA or nation, and voice out grievances of neglect by the government and for over exploitation by the rest.

Further depicting distinctness in character, they even speak  of discrimination over the alleged grant of concessions to other cultural minorities, who they claim do not even consider themselves as part of the nation, which may only allude to separatist movements.

Their logo, though claiming to be a sign of leadership in their tribe, bears two criss-crossed pira with the head of a spear right in the middle, and seven spots of rivers represented by “River Kings” who each brandish the krises and spear .

They have banded together formally and call themselves the GUKOMAN PIGSABOKAN BANGSASUBANON NOG ZAMBOA PENINSULA.

An influential acquaintance, evidently a prominent member of the group who spoke on condition of temporary anonymity, said they will be having a grand unified convention in Ipil toward the ending part of this month.

Parts of the copy of what they call as a declaration rights and ownership over their ancestral land read, “Based on history and cultural peace covenant or (SAPA), though unrecorded, the Philippines belongs to our Lumads forefathers even before the conquest and colonization of our shores. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were and are still inhabited by the by the indigenous peoples called Lumads or natives. Our forefathers had their economic, social and traditional socio-political systems and belief in God we call Apo Sanag/Apo Asogmigpongon.

Mindanao therefore, is an ancestral island of the Lumads composed of many ethnic groups. Zamboanga Peninsula in particular belongs to the Subanon people as our ancestral land time in memorial. We, Subanon Lumads, are peace loving and good citizens of the nation. Yet we are the most neglected and overly exploited because of our character. We suffer in silence for many years and we are not heard of our plights. It is because we do not speak the language of violence?

As past and contemporary events reveal, our natural resources are raped with impunity; minerals are extracted wantonly. In return there is no concrete manifestation of the miners’ corporate responsibilities that would benefit the Lumads like the Subanon people. Sadly, other groups of inhabitants are given full and special attentions to the extent of giving them a juridical entity according to their cultural and historical right to self-determination, as a separate and distinct people who do not consider themselves as part of our nation.

The more, we Subanons have all the rights to be given full attention to what are due us for past and present gains of production from our natural resources, our virgin forests and our mineral deposits

We are the GUKOMAN PIGSABOKAN BANGSASUBANON NOG ZAMBOANGA PENINSULA its provinces, municipalities and cities as our ancestral land therein.”

This truly bears watching.  You think so?