Talk peace in the barangay level Print
Friday, 22 October 2010 11:17

The number of rebel-returnees from the New Peoples Army has become significant.    This development is particularly perceptible in Bukidnon and in Davao and Agusan provinces. In Bukidnon over 50 NPAs have returned to the folds of the law and in the process turned over their firearms and ammunitions. In time they will be resettled and, as with the others who were ahead of them, will be given cash and material assistance to provide them a head start.

What is apparent now is that the decision done by the rebel returnees were done on the community level. It is also obvious now that the rebels have gotten tired of the protracted peace negotiation between the government and the National Democratic Front/the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New Peoples Army (NDF/CPP-NPA). The hierarchy of the front and the CPP-NPA can have their own sweet time and comfort in Netherlands but the guerillas who were drawn into the futile struggle for a Maoist society are out in the boondocks. They have been starving and separated from their families while waiting for the realization of a communist system which is as remote as asking for the moon.

The realization is slow to come for some. The leftist ideology has long been abandoned by countries where this was conceived. China and Russia have relegated to the trash bins the Maoist and Stalinist system and slowly shifted to a more democratic system that has propelled them to a progress. It is therefore ironic that communist insurgency remains a problem in our country. What is worse is that while we have allowed the members of the communists fronts to participate in the affairs of the government, its army – the NPAs continue shooting at government forces and destroying private installations. All these are done to show to the world that they are still existing and are a force to be reckoned with.

Nevertheless, many members of the NPAs are suffering fatigue and have sought community leaders to help them go back to the mainstream of society. In time the members of the armed revolutionaries will dwindle. Rather than pursuing peace talks with the Front and the CPP in Europe , it is better to talk peace in the barangay.