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Monday, 15 September 2014 11:29



Are the Binays really being targeted simply because the paterfamilias is leading the polls among the wannabes for the 2016 presidential election? Is the controversial Makati building really not as questionable as the media have made it out to be? Is all the brouhaha really just the usual game of politics?

I suggest the Reader take the bother of reading the last 3 columns ( her pieces come out only on Saturdays) of PDI’s Solita Monsod. The first one she had on the topic of the Binays was about the usual habit of pols taking cover behind the statement “politically motivated”.  Then she reported her observations  of the reported grossly overpriced building that she actually went to see.  The third piece was about the conclusion she came to about the matter.

She writes without the bombast of other columnists but after one is through reading her piece the reader can’t help but say “ Ah, ganon pala.” She presents the relevant information and  she  presents her own opinion arrived at after calling forth logic in evaluating the information.

So, back to the Binays.

The very fact that the Binay family is  an excellent example of the “political dynasty” problem of the Philippines should ring alarm bells right off. The usual justification for having these families in place in certain places in the Philippines is to claim that the family members are competent anyway and that they continue the family value of service to the city or the province or the nation.  Right now the Binay family account for the offices of the VP, a senator, a house representative and a city mayor. Even if they are all competent people it can also be said that having all these family members sit in different political positions at the same time  is to continue  the family’s hold on power.  If the power is used for selfish interests of the family, as has been bruited about in the case of the Binays, is to compound the problem.

I had been hearing in the past, even before the claimed politically motivated exposes in the media, about the birthday cakes and the free movie tickets for seniors of Makati.  Because of a Tagalog expression – mababaw ang kaligayahan- people somehow were kept from asking  questions about the integrity of these supposedly voter-friendly actions of the Makati government.

When VP Binay came to ZC shortly after the September 9 attack it was reported that among his actions was to distribute backpacks to the evacuees, each backpack boldly lettered with the letters of his name. How tacky and crude can one get? I remember I mentioned it in a column I wrote then and I wasn’t pleased at all.

I want to reassure my Readers that I am not writing this because I am supporting a possible rival of VP Binay in 2016. I have always believed that informed decisions are far more valuable than decisions arrived at because of a gift of a backpack or something similar. If I can get someone to think about the wisdom of not voting for Binay in 2016 and this someone in turn convinces another, and so on, I feel I shall have done what a responsible citizen ought to do for his country.