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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:46

BY Berlie G. Yap


Does a coming earthquake of intensity 8 and a tsunami possible? This reverberating question continues to create a “domino effect” of fear among the public for 2-3 weeks already in the entire peninsula. The Phivolcs’ information is a future probability worth for our government agencies and us to prepare. However, for one to succumb to a paralyzing fear is not good.

People who met and experienced the Lord are always comforted by Him to such a powerful assurance to “FEAR NOT”. In like manner, we may have all the odds around but God is only a whisper away whom we can and must call every day, and His unchanged reply can still be FEAR NOT.

When we fright we easily lose focus. Logical derailments are often detrimental because they could lead people to hysteria and unwanted ailments. It is true though that the earth’s ecological imbalance is now changing the planet’s climate leading us to more unpredictable climactic disasters sporadically and in no given time. This could be a real reason why we must believe in God and to His ability today because we need Him more as never have been.

The 1976 tremor and tsunami perhaps partly contributed to the scare spread in the social media and the text-mongering. If you were already born then at that time you would know the horrible devastation.

When the force and the wrath of nature would lambast us, we are powerless. But, there is God who spares and causes all things to work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Rom. 8:28)

The much indulgence of our generation to worldliness and materialism is a signal that we must come back to our sincere faith to the Almighty. Running away from Him is meant drawing closer to evil and calamities.

God does not lack in warning the world. He uses people to deliver His prophetic messages. However, humanity often ignores God’s admonitions. Noah was laughed by the people of his generation when he built the ark. People ignored God’s warning of the coming cataclysm. They jeered at Noah as if he was a fool. The rain and then the flood came, both destroyed the old world.

Nothing seems to change today though! The message of righteousness and repentance are laughed upon by many. That is why, when a word of a coming destruction is heard people become soon scared because God is not in our hearts. We’ve drawn farther away and away from Him each day.

God remains the same. His call to us to come back to Him echoes through the ages. Let us give our lives to Him. For safety is not the absence of troubles or disasters but to be living under the mighty protection of the Father.

Repentance is a change of heart! “First, repentance is not penance. Penance is the voluntary suffering of punishment for sin and does not necessarily involve a change of character or conduct. People who lie on a bed of spikes or throw themselves headlong on the ground are doing penance, but this act does not mean that their guilt has been absolved. Second, repentance is not remorse. Judas was remorseful over his sin of betrayal of the Son of God, but his shallow regret led to suicide instead of to God, because remorse is not true repentance.” (Billy Graham)

When everything is said and done, and much when the dusts settle realization always do prevail on the importance of faith to everyone’s life. A sad truth though is ironic because often this realization happens at the last. God says, if we hear His voice today we mustn’t harden our hearts.

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