TICKLE ME PINK: I am not insecured at the age of 70! Print
Friday, 19 September 2014 13:50



When I was younger, I had thechance to meet friends much older than me. I listen to what they say to each other, and one thing that stuck in my mind was when one nice lady said she fears looking at the mirror because she can see the wrinkles on her face, and I just smiled.

Now that I’ve reached the age of 70, I don’t really feel insecured. Perhaps it’s because I’m one in hundreds of women who had been endowed with a young looking face, and I thank our God Almighty for it. However, if you like to look young even if you are already old, you have to avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking hard liquor, and skip night life often, and eat healthy foods.(I can’t say I eat healthy foods too, teehee, ‘coz I like to eat viands consisting of pork or beef), and for young women, avoid heavy make up. When I was a young lady, I only put Johnson powder on my face and light colored lipstick, and eye liner for my eyes. That’s it. I was awarded Miss Photogenic years back when I became Miss Zamboanga, because when Victory Studio took my picture, I didn’t have any make up on. I’ll show it in my facebook acct. later.

Yes, as I said once in my past column, my marriage isn’t perfect, but what is keeping me is the love of my children, my grandchildren, and perhaps my husband too, who, like any husband, falls down once in a while, teehee, even in his present state, teehee! Perhaps, a film maker might want to buy my life story, hehehe. Oops, one of my friends kidded me about it. Now, talking about my birthday last 7th, the weather was so bad. My hubby and our five children had to do with the celebration. If given my way, I would have had prepared to spend a short vacation, but they insisted on it. Fearing the bad weather, instead of celebrating it at VP’s DVRL, the venue was changed at Park 88, since they were in charge of catering the food. Thanks to Henson Wee and for offering VP the main hall of his restaurant. Thank you too to Margie and Raul and family, Angel and Matt, who flew in from Manila, John, and VP, who just came in from Manila that morning, and busied himself for my birthday celebration. Thanks to all my relatives, cousins in laws, nieces and nephews, classmates, and friends!

Last 6th, Icelle Estrada was the first to greet me an advance birthday greeting, and handing me a beautiful bouquet of red roses. She left for Manila to become a godmother at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes, and the reception followed at Polo Club. I promised to include her birthday dedication in my column.

“To my dear tita Betty,

You have exuded the utmost grace under pressure. You draw energy from your plants. Beauty in spite all the odds, that very few women can handle... You have grown in wisdom through the years, and indeed a ‘Woman of Substance’ ( Icelle, this isn’t true, teehee). Stay as strong as you are.

Be happy and count your blessings! Enjoy your big day with friends and family. Happy Birthday!!


Icelle Borja”

Thanks my friend